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Anhui is a very interesting travel destination in China that has a number of hotels for the travelers. Hotels in Anhui can be found near all the major tourist attractions. There are cheap to middle to luxury hotels available in Anhui.

There are several section of the Anhui district where good hotels can be found. In the capital city Hefei of Anhui there are several good hotels for the accommodation for the travelers. Some of them are,

  • Holiday Inn Hefei : This luxury hotel has a number of facilities available for the visitors. It has swimming pool, fitness center, well managed rooms and other facilities. From this hotel some of the tourist spots can be easily accessible. Like the Chao Lake, Bao Gong Temple etc. It is very near to the railway station. Its Address is, 1104 Changjiang Dong Lu, China 230011.
  • Sofitel Grand Park, Hefei : This is another good hotel for the travelers in the Hefei city. It is very near to the center of the capital which gives the visitors easy access to various tourist spots. The rooms are kept in a very good and satisfactory condition and can be shared at near $40 per head. This hotel is also surrounded by a number of attractive parks.

There are other parts of Anhui , where good hotels are also available. Like in Huangshan area some good hotels are,

  • Huangshan International Hotel : This hotel has every modern facility that customers may need. The guests have a choice to select their room from a range of 184 rooms available with state of art facilities. The room charges begin from almost $27 per person. This hotel is near the city center and also airport. Its address is 31 Huashan Road, Huangshan, China 245000.
  • Huangshan Golf Hotel: This hotel in the Huangshan area is a five star rating hotel . It has golf course of its own and has created its building in such a design that the guests can have a wide view of the golf course. This hotel also has a number of modern amenities available for the visitors. It has a range of 117 rooms including conference room also at almost $40. This hotel is near the TXN airport.
  • Anhui has many other good quality hotels also in several other tourist destinations, like the Conch International Hotel in Wuhu, J.J. Pearl Hotel in Bengbu, Anging Business Hotel in Anging and so on. These hotels make the stay in Anhui very comfortable.

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