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Macau Flag

by Aakash Singha

The flag of Macau was adopted on March 31, 1993, before the sovereignty of Macau was handed over to China by the Portuguese government on December 20, 1999.

Macao Flag

Blank The Macau Flag

Download Macau Flag Outline Picture for kids to color

Colors Green, White, Golden
Proportion 2:3



The lotus has five golden stars covering its top in an arc.


Macau is currently a special administrative zone in China. Before this, it was under Portuguese rule and so the Portuguese flag was used.

The current design was finalized and adopted in 1999, which was when the island was handed over to China.

National symbol(s): lotus blossom
National colors: green, white, yellow
National anthem:
Note: as a Special Administrative Region of China, “Yiyongjun Jinxingqu” is the official anthem (see China)

Fact about the Macau flag

Country Macau
Designed by NA
Adopted Approved on 31 March 1993 by the National People’s Congress, used on 20 December 1999
Revision NA
Design and Colors Light green with a lotus flower above the stylized Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge and water in white, beneath an arc of five gold, five-pointed stars
Size Ratio 2:3

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