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What is a Bomb Cyclone?

US map highlighting areas affected by Bomb Cyclone

To define dangerous climatic situations, weather terminology includes terms such as Arctic blast, typhoons, and hurricanes. But, a rather lesser known term is the ‘Bomb Cyclone,’ which, as its name suggests, is a terrifying climatic condition.

But what exactly is a bomb cyclone? Derived from the scientific term ‘bombogenesis,’ a bomb cyclone can be defined as a low-pressure system which intensifies very quickly. A storm that falls 24 millibars of pressure within a span of 24 hours qualifies as a bomb cyclone. The lower the pressure, the worse the storm gets. This steep drop in pressure leads to strong winds that create coastal flooding, blizzard-like situations and, of course, power outages.

Currently, the United States is witnessing extreme weather conditions. A winter storm is set to pummel the East Coast of the country bringing with it snow, freezing rain, and cold & harsh winters. Weather warnings have been issued and residents have begun to make preparations for the freezing temperatures that will only get worse later in the week. The storm that has been named “Winter Storm Grayson,” will soon turn into a bomb cyclone.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration model ensemble, the bomb storm this week may witness pressure falling to some 45 millibars in a span of 24 hours. So, it is time to take precautions such as preparing your home, getting your emergency kit ready, and stocking up on groceries.

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