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What are the Best Nations for Immigrants?

Infographic Giving Details on the Best Nations for Immigrants
Infographic Shows World Map Depicting the Top 5 Countries that are Perceived as Immigration Friendly

What makes a country immigration friendly?

After food and travel, the next best thing that excites any person the most is the idea of moving abroad and venturing into a new life experience. But an uncertainty looms large when you have to actually choose where to go, out of all the existing countries around the globe. Moreover, the challenge is also of taking into consideration the plethora of vital factors before finally planning to settle down in any one place. Factors like the quality of life, career prospects, educational opportunities, and flexible immigration laws, among others, must be taken into account before reaching any conclusion for relocation. A nation that offers a welcoming environment, easy visa policies, work permits, study and work opportunities etc. contributes to its reputation as an immigrant friendly nation.

Following are the top 5 countries that are perceived as immigration friendly:

1. Canada

Canada certainly tops the list when it comes to being an immigrant friendly nation. It is the second largest country in the world after Russia, situated in the North American continent. Its capital city is Ottawa. Boasting a GDP per capita of $48,390, it is a multicultural society, and follows British style parliamentary democracy. With its flexible and progressive visa policies, it becomes easy for students as well as professionals to get an entry point here. Enabling factors, such as excellent healthcare facilities, potential for growth and personal development opportunities, education etc. have fostered large scale immigration to Canada from people of India, China and Philippines. The present demographic profile of Canada is such that without the immigrants, there will be a sharp decline in the Canadian population in the approaching years.

2. Australia

The culturally diverse land of Australia is known for its strong economic development, and owes most of this to the immigrants themselves. Situated on the Australian continent in the Pacific Ocean, it also includes islands such as Tasmania, and has its capital city at Canberra. With a GDP per capita of $50,391, it is home to immigrants from diverse countries such as UK, China, Greece, India, New Zealand and South Africa. The huge English speaking population, coupled with immense job satisfaction, has combined in providing an enriched quality of life to the immigrants. This economic stability is a major attraction for professionals and others. From quick and easy permanent resident (PR) availability, abundant employment opportunities, flexible visa renewals, to a welcoming culture, Australia prides itself on providing fantastic provisions to immigrants. Moreover, the nation allocates points to skilled immigrants for proficiency in English, employment certifications, education and work experience.

3. New Zealand

Apart from having the highest ‘social capital’ score, New Zealand is known for its natural beauty and breathtaking landscape, that abounds in beaches, fountains and rainforests. It is located in the pacific ocean, Southeast of Australia. An easy route to strike work-life balance along with affordable health care facilities make it an appealing option for everyone from students and working individuals to budding entrepreneurs. Not only this, the country is popular for having an excellent education system with streamlined processes. Exports, manufacturing and tourism are its mainstay, and result in a GDP per capita of $39,012. These factors contribute to making New Zealand yet another immigrant friendly nation.

4. Germany

Sharing its border with nine countries, Germany is the most populous nation situated in the European continent. Its capital city is Berlin, and GDP per capita stands at $50,804. It has the advantage of housing some of the oldest universities of the world. A low crime rate, backed by good employment opportunities and education system, make this nation one of the most sought after and preferred places for migration. The researches show that out of all the 27 European Union states, Germany stands as the nation with the second highest percentage of immigrant population after the United Kingdom. Over the last 50 years, the German government has consistently encouraged immigration to combat low birth rates in the country. Turkey takes the credit of being the country which forms the major part of Germany’s immigrant population. Next in row is Italy followed by Poland, Greece, Croatia and others.

5. The United States of America

Currently the most dominant economic and military power in the world, the United States is tempting for immigrants when it comes to the prospects of freedom, liberty, equality, human rights and fertile atmosphere for business and personal growth. Statistics show that a major chunk of the US population migrated directly from Mexico, and a significant number of individuals in the U.S. currently are of Mexican origin. Apart from this, people of Asian origin, such as from India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and South Korea, also form a large percentage of the US population. However, wiith the incumbent President Donald Trump bringing about pathbreaking changes in immigration laws, the situation has certainly become tougher for immigrants. Nonetheless, the immigrant population has played a huge part in strengthening the country’s economic and business landscape. It’s GDP per capita of $59,792, famous institutions of higher learning, and high quality of life enjoyed by its citizens are the major attractions for immigrants planning to relocate in this country.

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