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What are the most magnetic cities of the world?

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most magnetic cities of the worldSome cities have a magnetic feel which draws people from all over the world. These cities attain comprehensive power to attract businesses that can boost the economic and social development.

The Mori Memorial Foundation releases its Global Power City Index (GPCI) annually, ranking major global cities based on six significant criteria: economy, research and development, cultural interaction, livability, environment, and transport accessibility. As per 2017 Index, London, New York and Tokyo are the most magnetic cities in the world.

London attained the No.1 ranking in the Index and has remained at the leading position for six years. This city located in the United Kingdom, topped the rankings for it has a strong and vibrant cultural offering and diverse culinary experience. Along with it, the city avails abundance of business opportunities to people from across the globe. Numerous findings suggest that even after UK’s exit from the European Union, London will persist as a dominant global business center. Despite attaining a top rank, the city did score comparatively low in terms of livability.

New York – Widely known as ‘The city where dreams come true,’ New York stood second in the overall comprehensive ranking. It scored the best in terms of economy, research and development. In 2017, the city welcomed over 62.8 million tourists. The expansive tourism prevailing here is a major contributor to its bustling economy and business prospects. However, this densely populated mega city, New York did not attain good scores in the criteria of livability.

Tokyo – For the very first time, the capital of Japan emerged amid the top three rankings in Global Power City Index. It leapfrogged Paris, and numerous other American cities owing to its continued betterment in cultural interaction. The city has noticed an increase in the number of foreign visitors, and its universities are attracting more international students as well. However, the economy has shown weaker results in comparison to last year.

The GPCI has been analyzing the ups and downs of global cities since last ten years. It is evident that global economy revolves around urbanization, and here we have ranked the renowned cities of the world:

Rank Cities Total Score
1 London 1560.1
2 New York 1386.3
3 Tokyo 1354.7
4 Paris 1282.1
5 Singapore 1224.6
6 Seoul 1143.5
7 Amsterdam 1129.8
8 Berlin 1107.8
9 Hong Kong 1090.1
10 Sydney 1078
11 Los Angeles 1073.5
12 Frankfurt 1059.8
13 Beijing 1051.6
14 Vienna 1046
15 Shanghai 1032.9
16 Stockholm 1027.4
17 San Francisco 1006
18 Zurich 996.9
19 Toronto 992.4
20 Copenhagen 984.1
21 Brussels 978.5
22 Chicago 975.6
23 Dubai 969.6
24 Barcelona 967.1
25 Boston 964.7
26 Osaka 958.7
27 Madrid 945.7
28 Vancouver 944.6
29 Washington, D.C. 928.3
30 Istanbul 926.2
31 Kuala Lumpur 919.3
32 Milan 913.4
33 Bangkok 908.8
34 Geneva 901.8
35 Moscow 857.7
36 Taipei 848.1
37 Fukuoka 840.9
38 Mexico City 783.7
39 Sao Paulo 777.2
40 Buenos Aires 728.2
41 Jakarta 675.6
42 Mumbai 667.1
43 Cairo 604
44 Johannesburg 593

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