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What is the Population of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Population Map

The Population of New Hampshire, as per July 1st, 2016 estimate, is 1,316,470 (One million three hundred sixteen thousand four hundred seventy). The last official US Government census was done in 2010, and the population as per that census was 1,334,795 (One million three hundred thirty-four thousand seven hundred ninety-five). New Hampshire has 10 Counties. Here is a compilation of county-wise population data for the state in tabular format:

New Hampshire Population by County
County Name April 1, 2010 – Census Population Estimate (as of July 1, 2016)
Hillsborough County 400,721 407,761
Rockingham County 295,223 303,251
Merrimack County 146,445 148,582
Strafford County 123,143 127,428
Grafton County 89,118 88,888
Cheshire County 77,117 75,774
Belknap County 60,088 60,779
Carroll County 47,818 47,289
Sullivan County 43,742 43,004
Coos County 33,055 32,039
Total Population of New Hampshire 1,316,470 1,334,795

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