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Which is New York City’s largest Borough by population?

Map of New York City highlighting all the boroughs

New York City needs no introduction. It is the most populous city in the United States. It is a vibrant and culturally rich city, apart from being one of the most important commercial and financial hubs of the country. From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, from Wall Street to Central Park, and from Lincoln Center to Broadway – New York City is full of iconic landmarks. This is perhaps the reason why New York City is home to over 8,537,673 people going by the US Census Bureau records (July 2016). Of the five boroughs – that make up NYC – Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island – Brooklyn is by far the largest by population.

According to the July 2016 statistics, Brooklyn’s population is pegged at 2.629 million. This makes the NYC borough roughly as populated as Chicago (population of 2.7 million in 2016). Not only is Brooklyn the most populous borough of New York City, it is also the fastest growing (by population) borough of the city. In 2010, Brooklyn registered a population of about 2.504 million marking a population growth of 124,450 between 2010 and 2016.

Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Brooklyn Museum, the NY Aquarium are among the best-known landmarks, with life in this borough being very colorful, vibrant, and lively. Watch out for the street art and the numerous breweries that are part of Brooklyn’s bohemian spirit.

Queens, the largest borough by area, comes next, registering a population of 2.230 million. Spread out over an area of 108 square miles, is recognized as one of the most ethnically diverse urban areas anywhere in the world. The two most important airports that serve NYC – the LaGuardia Airport and JFK International Airport are both located in Queens. If the boroughs of New York City were individual cities, Brooklyn and Queens would be the third and fourth most populated cities of the country.

Next comes Manhattan – New York City’s best-known and most densely populated borough. With a population of 1.643 million, Manhattan is made up primarily of Manhattan Island and Marble Hill along with some other smaller islands.  It is home to the UN Headquarters, the Statue of Liberty, Columbia University, New York Stock Exchange, and the NASDAQ.

The Bronx has a population of about 1.455 million. The Bronx is home to a large immigrant community particularly from the Caribbean region. There is also a high number of African American residents, many having moved here from states in the south. The Bronx is also home to Yankee Stadium.

Finally, we have Staten Island with a population of 476,015 residents, the least populated among NYC boroughs.

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