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What are The Ten Budget-Friendly Destinations to Visit in 2019?

Budget-Friendly Locations to Visit This Year
Infographic Shows The World Map Depicting The Top Ten Budget-Friendly Destinations to Visit in 2019

Managing to find a less expensive flight, only brings you halfway to an affordable vacation. If you are visiting a destination where even mineral water is way too expensive, you aren’t going to have a pocket-friendly vacation with your family. Believe it or not, love for beautiful beaches, water sports and art museums can be satiated with cost-effective solutions and smart travel plan. Many destinations like Paris, London are so expensive owing to their popularity, and winter season is indeed a peak time due to the holidays. When the holidays are over, fairs might drop – but here we have listed top ten locations which have reasonable rates all year round.

Puerto Rico

Pink sands of Isla Verde – is not the only attraction in Puerto Rico. The island offers you opportunities to go diving, snorkeling and even salsa dancing by the beach. The sip of Puerto Rican coffee will help start the winter mornings with a zest. Search well for a budget friendly hotel, and you’ll also be able to book resorts with lush green gardens or an oceanfront – whilst offering upscale amenities at lower prices.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Sin City – Las Vegas is an ideal location for spending winters, especially if you love the casinos. There are many hotels offering a bargain on the prices of rooms and shows. If you go a little off-Strip, you can manage to find accommodations at even lower prices. Plus, there is a lot to do when in Vegas, except getting married, accidentally 😉 – like a tour to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam.

San Diego, California

Despite having a year-round pleasant weather and diverse attractions, San Diego offers lower hotel prices. Tourists here can also enjoy whale watching, surfing, strolling in the Zoo, and a visit to exceptional museums. Balboa Park is famous for its hiking trails, as it makes people feel as if they are in a mountainous region, and not in the middle of an urban city.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Most of the Caribbean region is expensive, but not Montego Bay in Jamaica. From January to April, Montego Bay offers reasonable prices to its tourists. Wherever you stay, you’ll find options to indulge in water sports and relax by the beach. You can also take a cruise or sail in the blue waters.


Over the years, a trip to the travel destination – Barbados has become more affordable. The airfares have decreased, and resorts are now available at inexpensive rates. The key factor is – the island is never overcrowded. Enjoy the epic sunset at the beautiful beaches, or indulge in snorkeling and other water sports, at prices that are comparatively lower to other famous islands.

Cartagena, Colombia

Stroll in the charming colonial city of Cartagena, and spend a unique vacation. The geography of the region comprises sandy beaches, vast rain-forests and beautiful snow-capped mountains. Cartagena is a city with magnificent mangroves and brilliant coral reefs. The peak season in this historic old town, ends by mid-January, and after that the rates drop down.

Bariloche, Argentina

The winters of Bariloche are milder, and the scenery is soothing, unlike the over crowded Buenos Aires. The town is nestled in the foothills of the Andes, making it popular spot for tourists who love trekking. The affordable prices are lesser than the other cities of Argentina, even during the peak time.

Quebec City, Canada

Towering cathedrals and cobblestone streets of Quebec city will pass off the vibe that you are in France. But here, you can enjoy the French culture without the high prices stamped up on you. With affordable eateries, and budget-friendly hotels, you can enjoy your visit to Canada to the fullest.

Agra, India

Known for the iconic Taj Mahal – Agra offers you a fun getaway weekend. In winters, the climate of the region is perfect. Tourists not only visit for the culture and surroundings, but also for the mouth-watering sweets. In the markets you’ll also find unique crafts, which you’ll have the urge to purchase. When in Agra, you can enjoy the ultimate Indian legacy.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you are visiting Thailand to explore the culture and not the beaches, then step back from Phuket, Krabi and other expensive cities. Visit Chiang Mai entailed with beautiful sights. The Thai atmosphere and attitude of the city is a contrast to the beach areas. Here you can enjoy blissfully calm surroundings and take a stroll in the unique markets.

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