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Who has played the most World Cup matches?

World Map highlighting countries that have played most matches in Football World Cup

Germany has played the most matches in FIFA World Cup – 106 in all.

Following close is longtime rival Brazil with 104 matches. Italy is next with 83 matches, then Argentina 77, and England 62 matches.

Germany – 4 titles, 18 appearances, 106 matches

Currently (2018), Germany is ranked No.1 in World Cup rankings. Germany has appeared in 18 FIFA World Cups, played 106 matches, and scored 224 goals. Germany has won the Cup four times. In 1954 (Switzerland) beating Hungary 3-2, 1974 (West Germany) beating Netherlands 2-1, 1990 (Italy) beating Argentina 1-0, and 2014 (Brazil) beating Argentina 1-0.

On four occasions Germany ended up as Runners-up. In 1966 (England) losing 2-4 to England, in 1982 (Spain) losing 1-3 to Italy, in 1986 (Mexico) losing 2-3 to Argentina, and in 2002 (Korea/Japan) losing 0-2 to Brazil.

They finished third on four occasions; 1934 (Italy) beating Austria 3-2, 1970 (Mexico) Uruguay 1-0, 2006 (Germany) Portugal 3-1, and in 2010 (South Africa) defeating Uruguay 3-2.

Brazil – 5 titles, 20 appearances, 104 matches

In the 2018 World Cup, rankings, Brazil is No.2. Brazil has appeared in 20 FIFA World Cups, the most for any nation; played 104 matches, and scored 221goals. It has won the Cup five times. In 1958 (Sweden) beating Sweden 5-2, 1962 (Chile) beating Czechoslovakia 3-1, 1970 (Mexico) beating Italy 4-1, and 1994 (USA) beating Italy 3-2 on penalties, and 2002 (Korea/Japan) beating Germany 2-0.

Brazil has been Runners-up on two occasions; 1950 (Brazil) losing 1-2 to Uruguay, 1998 (France) losing 0-3 to France.

On two occasions Brazil finished in third place. In 1938 (France) beating Sweden 4-2, and 1978 (Argentina) beating Italy 2-1.

Italy – 4 Titles, 18 appearances, 83 matches

In the 2018 World Cup, rankings, Italy is No. 14. Italy has appeared 18 times in FIFA World Cups, played 83 matches, and scored 128 goals. It has won the Cup four times. In 1934 (Italy) beating Czechoslovakia 2-1, 1938 (France) beating Hungary 4-2, 1982 (Spain) beating Germany 3-1, and 2006 (Germany) beating France 5-3 on penalties.

The country finished Runners-up on two occasions; 1970 (Mexico) losing 1-4 to Brazil, and 1994 (USA) losing 2-3 to Brazil on penalties.

In 1990 World Cup played in Italy, the country finished in third place, beating England 2-1.

Argentina – 2 titles, 16 appearances, 77 matches

In the 2018 World Cup, rankings, Argentina is No. 4. Argentina has appeared 16 times in the FIFA World Cups, played 77 matches, and scored 131 goals. Argentina has won the Cup two times. In 1978 (Argentina) beating Netherlands 3-1, and 1986 (Mexico) beating Germany 3-2.

Argentina finished Runners-up in 1990 (Italy) losing 0-1 to Germany.

England – 1 title, 14 appearances, 62 matches

In the 2018 World Cup, rankings, England is No. 16. England has appeared in 14 FIFA World Cups, played 62 matches, and scored 79 goals. It has won the Cup once in 1966 beating Germany 4-2 in the finals.

England’s next best performance was in 1990 (Italy) where it finished fourth, after Germany, Argentina, and Italy. It reached the Quarterfinal (last 8) stage on six occasions; 1954 (Switzerland), 1962 (Chile), 1970 (Mexico), 1986 (Mexico), 2002 (Korea/Japan), and 2006 (Germany).

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