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Where is the biggest international box office market for Hollywood?

World Map depicting countries which have best international box office markets

When was the last time you went for a Hollywood movie on the silver screen? I bet, it wasn’t that long ago that you had a good time watching an international movie with friends. Thanks to globalization, we are not limited to films of a certain region, but have an access to movies created all around the world.

Today, Hollywood not only entertains the population of US/Canada, but also appeals people around the world, where first language is not even English. Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) releases data annually to estimate how much the industry is earning around the world. For the year 2017, the global box office record has reached an all-time high. US $40.6 billion has been earned by the industry, with the domestic earning by US/Canada being US $11.1 billion. The international earnings have increased by 7% owing to the major growth in China in comparison to the previous year.

Movies continue to be an affordable option for people to enjoy their pastime. The cinema halls and HD screen versions draw people more than any theme park ever does. Talented people with a passion for their work are bringing out exceptional movie ideas. Movies by Disney and Warner Bros. got the industry some of the highest earnings.

The stats suggest how fantasy themed movies earn the best worldwide. Star Wars has its share of cult fans that do not tend to miss any sequence of the movie, which is why it was indeed Star Wars: The last Jedi which earned the maximum amid all the movies released in 2017. Some of the other movies which did the best are Beauty and the Beast, Spider-man: Homecoming, Wonder Women, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.

Even though it is easy to find the online movie subscriptions and watch them at home, watching movies on the big theater is still the craze for many. Here is a list of top 20 countries where Hollywood had the highest grossing in 2017:

Rank Country Box Office Markets – All Films (US$ Billions)
1 China $7.9
2 Japan $2.0
3 United Kingdom $1.6
4 India $1.6
5 South Korea $1.6
6 France $1.5
7 Germany $1.2
8 Russia $1.0
9 Australia $0.9
10 Mexico $0.9
11 Brazil $0.9
12 Spain $0.7
13 Italy $0.7
14 Taiwan $0.4
15 Netherlands $0.3
16 Indonesia $0.3
17 Argentina $0.3
18 Poland $0.3
19 Turkey $0.2
20 Hong Kong $0.2

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