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Which Country Produces the Most Feature Films?

Infographic Giving Details on Countries which Produce Maximum Feature Films
Infographic Shows World Map Depicting The Countries which Produce the Most Feature Films

A feature film is one which is long enough to the point it can be considered a principal film. It is also known as a motion picture. These full-length films can run anywhere between 45 minutes to 180 minutes. According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a feature film has to have a minimum length of 45 minutes. However, the Screen Actors Guild has set the running length to 75 minutes. There were over 8,000 feature films released worldwide in the year 2015.

According to UNESCO, India is the largest producer of feature films in 2015. It produced 1907 feature films. Indian cinema contributed more than one-fifth of all the feature films produced in the world for that year. The United States of America came in a distant second, producing 791 motion pictures. Third on the list was China with its film toll reaching 686. Japan, France, and the United Kingdom came fourth, fifth, and sixth on the list respectively, producing 581, 300, and 298 feature films.

India is by far the largest producer of feature films. There are many factors which help India dish out so many feature films. A few of them are the linguistic and cultural diversity of the country. Other than the major language Hindi, feature films are also produced in a number of other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali. Bollywood is the most popular industry in the country, making Hindi movies. Other prominent film industries in the country are Tollywood (Telugu films), Kollywood (Tamil films), Pollywood (Punjabi films) etc.

These movie industries are known to produce films of various genres, ranging from comedy to romance to horror. The movies are very popular with the public in India. Some of the movies go on to earn even billions of dollars at the box office, especially that from Bollywood. Overall, there’s a very successful feature film business going on in India.

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