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How many islands are there in Hawaii?

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Hawaii is an island state in the United States. It is one of the 50 states that make up the US. It is also known as the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is a part of a volcanic chain of island in the Pacific Ocean, having many active volcanoes, and the islands today are a popular tourist destination.

Nicknamed as ‘Big Island,’ this is the largest island among all the Hawaiian Islands. It covers an area of 4,028 square miles and is continuously growing because of the active volcanic activities on the island. It is also the youngest of all islands.

Famously known as ‘The Valley Isle,’ Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island. It has a population of 144,444 people and an area of 727 square miles. The island is called the valley island because it was formed by the hot lava that filled the gap between the east and the west Maui islands, creating the present-day Maui island. The island is known for whale watching as there are humpback whales that migrate to the Maui area during the autumn season. The employment activities here include tourism, agriculture of sugarcane & pineapple along with papaya, coffee, and nuts. Over the time, fertile lands and coral reefs have depleted due to industrial pollution and increased tourism.

The third-largest Hawaiian island, O‘ahu is nicknamed ‘The Gathering Place,’ and has a population of about 953,207 people. The island covers an area of 596.7 square miles. O‘ahu is a diamond-shaped island and has some of the world’s most famous beaches and attractions; Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, and Diamond Head. It is the most visited island between January and early April when it is whale watching season, as well as a good time to explore the beach activities like surfing and tourist attractions like Iolani Palace and the North Shore.

Renowned as ‘The Garden Isle,’ Kaua‘i has lush green tropical beauty from where it gets its name. It is the fourth-largest Hawaiian island with a population of 66,921 people and an area of 66,921 square miles. It is an emerald shaped island and is estimated to be around five million years old. The island has more than 25 beaches, attracting tourists of all ages throughout the entire year. There are multiple activities to suit the interests of all; surfing, scuba diving, helicopter rides, zip line activities, mountain tubing, sunset dinner arrangements, traditional dance and music shows, and the like.

Nicknamed as ‘The Friendly Isle,’ Moloka‘i is the fifth largest Hawaiian island with an area of 260 square miles and a population of 7,345 people. The island has two extreme topographies- dry land on the west coast, while the east coast has lush and wet forests. Known for its secluded beaches, Moloka‘i island is a paradise for the couples. People visit the island for their wedding and honeymoon. Due to the increasing visitors, the authorities have addressed the demand and taken care of the tourism industry which contributes significantly to the country’s income.

Nicknamed after its pineapple shape, the island is known as ‘The Pineapple Isle’. It is also referred to as the comma-shaped island. It is the sixth largest Hawaiian island with an area of 140.5 square miles and a population of 3,135 people. The visitors experience two different worlds on the island; on one hand there are luxurious resorts with first class amenities, and on the other hand are the rugged roads for explorers to discover nature’s beauty.

With an area of 69.5 square miles and a population of merely 170 people, the island is known as ‘The Forbidden Isle’. Seventh on the list, it is an underdeveloped island with no telephone, electricity or transportation service. The people here live rent-free and are dependent on natural resources for food facilities. Also, because of the underdeveloped vicinity, Ni‘ihau has not been able to attract tourists.

The uninhabited island Kaho‘olawe is known as ‘The Target Isle’ and has an area of 44.6 square miles. It gets its nickname from the purpose it has been serving for a long time, ie, of a military training ground. The lack of water is considered to be the primary reason why the island has been unable to support human life.

Island Nickname Area (sq mi) Population (as of 2010)
Hawaiʻi The Big Island 4,028.0 185,079
Maui The Valley Isle 727.2 144,444
Oʻahu The Gathering Place 596.7 953,207
Kauaʻi The Garden Isle 552.3 66,921
Molokaʻi The Friendly Isle 260.0 7,345
Lānaʻi The Pineapple Isle 140.5 3,135
Niʻihau The Forbidden Isle 69.5 170
Kahoʻolawe The Target Isle 44.6 0


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