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What are the Countries that surround France?

World Map highlighting France and its surrounding countries

Eight countries share borders with mainland France and are: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain.

The total French border extends 1,709 miles. Of this, the border with Spain – 401 miles, Belgium – 345 miles, Switzerland – 326 miles, Italy – 296 miles, Germany – 260 miles, Luxembourg – 43 miles, Andorra – 34 miles and Monaco – 4 miles.

Outside of Europe, the French Guinea (part of French Republic) border extends 748 miles, of which 403 miles is shared with Brazil and 345 miles with Surinam.

The country is divided into 22 regions; 5 collectivities which includes:

French Polynesia, a group of 180 islands and atolls is located in the South Pacific Ocean, approximately halfway from the coastline of California and Australia;

Saint Martin, located southeast of Dominican Republic surrounded by Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean;

Saint Barthélemy, is located east of US Virgin Islands with the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean around it;

Wallis and Futuna, are islands in the South Pacific located at 13°18S, 176° 12E.

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, are islands located off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada’s province in the eastern side. The islands are around 300 miles from St. Johns, Newfoundland’s capital.

New Caledonia is a ‘special collectivity’ located in south west Pacific Ocean with Australia 750 miles to the east and France 10,026 miles east of metropolitan France.

French Southern and Antarctic Lands, is an ‘overseas territory’ located off the coast of Madagascar in the south Indian Ocean.

Clipperton Island is an ‘island possession’ in the Pacific Ocean.


Officially called the French Republic, France is the largest country in the European Union with an area covering 211,209.38 sq miles, population of 6,544,734 and a population density of 309.87 per sq mile.

French Population in comparison to its neighbors (2013 est)

In terms of total population, France ranks 2nd in comparison to its neighbors, Germany being the most populated. Monaco is the least populated.

France: 65,951,611; Germany: 81,147,265; Italy: 61,482,297; Spain: 47,390,542;; Belgium: 10,444,268; Switzerland: 7,996,026; Luxembourg: 514,862; Monaco: 30,500; Andorra: 85,293

French Population

Paris, the capital of France, is the largest city with the highest population – 2,138,551, followed by Marseille – 794,811, Lyon – 472,317, Toulouse – 433,055, Nice – 338,620, Nantes – 277,269, Strasbourg – 274,845, Montpellier – 248,252, Bordeaux – 231,844, Lille – 228,328.

French GDP in comparison to its neighbors (2015; in US$ millions)

France enjoys the 2nd highest GDP after Germany. In global rankings, France ranks 6th while Germany stands at 4th position. Andorra ranks the lowest among all of France’s neighbors.

France: 2,418,836; Germany: 3,363,447; Italy: 1,821,497; Spain: 1,192,901; Switzerland: 670,790; Belgium: 455,086; Luxembourg: 56,800 ; Monaco: 6,063 (2013) ; Andorra: 3,249

French Gross National Income (GNI-PPP in US $; 2015) in comparison to its neighbors

In terms of Gross National Income (GNI) calculated by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), France ranks 5th among its neighbors with Luxembourg having the highest GNI. Spain is the lowest ranked in this list.

France: 41,680; Luxembourg: 72,080; Switzerland: 63,990; Germany: 49,990; Belgium: 45,770; Italy: 37,010; Spain: 34,700

Ease of doing business with France (Global Ranking) in comparison to its neighbors (2016)

Ease of doing business if an important factor for investors when identifying countries to invest in. France ranks 2nd most attractive destination after Germany with Luxembourg being the least attractive in this list.

France: 29; Germany: 17; Switzerland: 31; Spain: 32; Belgium: 42 ; Italy: 50 ; Luxembourg: 59

Tax Rate Comparison (% of profit; 2016) of France in comparison to its neighbors

France has the highest tax rates among its neighbors while Luxembourg has the lowest. This is another important consideration for investors when identifying potential countries to invest in.

France: 62.79; Luxembourg: 20.79; Switzerland: 28.79; Germany: 48.90; Spain: 49; Belgium: 58.70; Italy: 62

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