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What are the most globalized countries around the world?

World Map depicting most Globalized Countries

Globalization is the interaction and integration between different people, government and companies around the world. These days, it is growing rapidly owing to the advancement in transportation and communication technology. The growth in international trade and influence of different ideas and culture amid people, comes from globalization.

KOF Index of Globalization report is published on an annual basis by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, to estimate the rate of globalization in countries around the world. Three basic dimensions considered in the results are – economic, social, and political. Through them, the Index of Globalization measures the economic restrictions, data on personal contact, data on information flows, actual economic flows and data on cultural proximity, on a scale of 1 to 100.

The KOF Index of Globalization released in year 2018, estimates the data till the year 2015. According to it, European nations have grabbed the highest positions. Belgium is the most globalized country in the world, and has a score of 90.47. The Netherlands is quite close on the heels and stands second with a score of 90.24. Switzerland bagged the third position with a score of 89.7.

Globalization impacts the environment, political systems, economic development, prosperity, and well-being of people. While some believe that it helps raise the standard of living, some argue that multinational corporations of the western world have benefited from it, at the cost of local markets and local cultures.

Here is a table showing the score of top globalized countries, having a score more than 70.

Country Globalization Index
Belgium 90.47
Netherlands 90.24
Switzerland 89.7
Sweden 88.05
Austria 87.91
Denmark 87.85
France 87.34
United Kingdom 87.23
Germany 86.89
Finland 85.98
Norway 85.81
Hungary 84.2
Ireland 83.53
Canada 83.45
Czech Republic 83.41
Spain 83.31
Portugal 82.21
Italy 82.15
Luxembourg 82
Estonia 81.97
Slovakia 80.74
Greece 80.31
Singapore 80.01
United States of America 79.95
Slovenia 79.76
Bulgaria 79.52
Australia 79.29
Malaysia 79.28
Croatia 79.04
Lithuania 78.78
Poland 78.72
New Zealand 78
Romania 77.88
Malta 77.51
Japan 77.3
South Korea 76.67
Israel 75.73
Cyprus 75.6
Latvia 75.42
Serbia 75.28
United Arab Emirates 74.4
Jordan 74.31
Chile 74.14
Qatar 73.21
Georgia 72.5
Uruguay 70.98
Turkey 70.87
Iceland 70.62
Ukraine 70.6


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