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World economy has grown very complex today and it requires a very convoluted approach to point out how a specific country is placed in relation to the other countries.
There are numerous economic factors at play which must be taken into account together and separately to be able to properly evaluate the economic worth and position of a country in the modern world. This page provides a few links of world economy maps developed to impart highly specific information on various aspects of world economy through thematic maps. These themes include world top ten agricultural exporters countries map which graphically represents the location of these top ten countries in the world in terms of agricultural exports. Another such unique thematic map is world top ten gross domestic income countries map which clearly defines the location of the top ten countries in terms of GDP on the world map. One such thematic map is world top ten oil reserves countries map in which these countries with the highest number of oil reserves are highlighted on the world map. Another thematic map is world top ten exporter countries map which provides detailed information on the top ten exporter countries in the world and pinpoints their locations on the world map. One can get a wealth of relevant information from each of these thematic economy world maps along with important facts and figures.

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