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New York Flag

by Aakash Singha

The New York Flag was formally adopted in the year 1901 and is said to be a modernized format of a Revolutionary War flag.

New York Flag

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About New York Flag

The New York Flag history demonstrates the manner in which, the current flag came into use.

New York was the 11th state to become a member of the Union in 1788. The New York Flag is described as a dark blue field, designed with the state coat of arms right in the center.

Symbolism of New York Flag

The shield portrays 2 ships sailing on the river Hudson, set in a backdrop of the Hudson highlands, over which a yellow sun is rising. The river is fringed by a grass-covered shore decked with small shrubs. The ship is a representation of the state’s commerce. On top of the shield, an eagle is shown perching a globe, that stands for the Western Hemisphere. Below the shield the state motto “Excelsior” that means “Ever Upward”, is written on a white streamer.

This expresses that people should aim for the highest objectives in life. The shield is supported by the goddess Justice, on the right hand side. She is portrayed as a blindfolded person, with a string of pearls decorating her hair. There is a scale in her left hand and a sword in her right hand. These tools are symbols that stand for the equality of people in the eyes of the law. On the left side of the shield is the goddess Liberty, holding a pole at the tip of which is a Liberty cap. The crown thrown at her feet, stands for the liberty of the state from the English. The description of the New York State Flag is highly remarkable for employing symbolic figures in it.

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