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New Mexico Flag

by Aakash Singha

The design of the New Mexico Flag was selected from a flag designing competition held in 1920. The New Mexico Flag history is as colorful as those of other states.

New Mexico Flag

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About New Mexico Flag

The Daughters of the American Revolution had an active contribution towards this monumental task. The designer of the current New Mexico Flag was Dr. Harry Mera, an archaeologist as well as a physician.

Previously the official New Mexico Flag was different from the present one and had a blue field, with a miniature depiction of the US flag in upper left corner.

Description of New Mexico Flag

It is essential to know the symbolism of the New Mexico Flag. The colors yellow and red are associated with the Spanish conquistadors, who came to New Mexico in the 1500’s. The red emblem is a very ancient sun symbol known as Zia. This symbol belongs a certain class of Native Americans of New Mexico. The Zia considers four to be a sacred number and thus there are 4 bunches of rays radiating from the sun. In fact there are exactly four rays in each group. The number four is not only expressed in the New Mexico Flag, but is inherent in every aspect of life itself. Thus there are four cycles in one life, four seasons in all and four divisions of a day. The round sun in the New Mexico Flag also implies that life is circular. The New Mexico Flag has a red symbolic emblem in the center of a yellow background.

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