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North Carolina Flag

by Aakash Singha

The history of the North Carolina Flag states that the flag was adopted in the year 1885. Prior to this there had been another North Carolina Flag design that was carried by the state.

North Carolina Flag

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Description of North Carolina Flag

The North Carolina Flag is a beautiful combination of the three colors, red, blue and white. The description of the North Carolina Flag are as per the instructions given by the State.

The North Carolina Flag is composed of 2 horizontal stripes of the same width. The upper stripe is red while the lower one is pure white. The left side of the North Carolina flag bears a blue colored vertical stripe on which the letter N and C are imprinted. Between these letters is a white stars with 5 points. There are 2 scrolls both below and above the letters.

Symbolism of North Carolina Flag

The above mentioned colors are reminiscent of the US national colors. There is hardly any doubt about the fact that the letters N and C imply the name of the state, that is North Carolina. The white star expresses that North Carolina was the 12th state to gain statehood. The date May 20th 1775, above the letters recalls the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Mecklenburg County was the place where the citizens of North Carolina gathered to announce their liberation from the English. The second date present below the letters, reads April 12th 1776. This signifies the time when the Halifax Resolves were adopted. The North Carolina Flag is an important state symbol that bears historic dates on its fabric.

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