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Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii

by Ady Sachdeva

The Polynesian Cultural Center located in Laie, is one of the top tourist attractions in Hawaii. The place comprises of recreated villages that exhibit the essence of the Polynesian culture,…

Polynesian Cultural Center
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Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii

Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii

The Polynesian Cultural Center located in Laie, is one of the top tourist attractions in Hawaii. The place comprises of recreated villages that exhibit the essence of the Polynesian culture, particularly of the Tonga, Tahiti, Marquesas, Hawaii, Fiji, Aotearoa, and Samoa islands. The cultural center offers several activities, so that the visitors can learn about the different cultures by performing the activities themselves:

Maori Poi lets you check your strength, coordination, and flexibility. This activity helped the women to retain their flexibility for weaving, and men to become strong and imbibe perfect coordination.

Canoe Race is a fun-filled activity. Compete with your family members sitting in a traditional canoe.

Tahitian Spear Throw is an activity for those who always bubble with emotions. Use your pent up energies while throwing a spear targeting a tall pole, standing 20 feet away. Challenge your friends in this game.

Fire Making is an art. The Samoan villagers excelled this art. It looks simple, yet is a difficult task. The trick is to use two sticks of the same tree. Learn how to make fire in a family hut in Samoa.

Samoan Cooking lets the visitors experience the way the natives of the Samoa country used to cook. Gather sticks, leaves, husks, and strike stones to ignite the assembled fuel. Use coconut milk, taro, fish; and sit with patience to make the most delicious dish.

Souvenir Shops are full of amazing handcrafted items purely belonging to the Polynesian culture. You may shop till you drop.

If you feel hungry, you may take a short break at the Banyan Tree Snack Bar. There are several other places to eat in the recreated island villages.

Points to remember:

  • No swimwear is allowed.
  • Wear shoes and proper clothes during your tour.
  • Plucking fruits and flowers at the attraction is not permitted.
  • As it is a family attraction, no alcohol is allowed.

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Polynesian Cultural Center Map

Location Map of Polynesian Cultural Center

Location Map of Polynesian Cultural Center


Polynesian Cultural Center Facts

  • The Polynesian Cultural Center opened in 1963.
  • The attraction spreads over 42 acres.
  • The kamaaina (native) guests are entitled to special discounts.

Where is Polynesian Cultural Center?

The Polynesian Cultural Center is situated in Laie, a town set on the northeast end of Oahu, an island in Hawaii. The cultural center is located at a distance of 35.3 miles from the Honolulu International Airport via HI-83 W. As there is no direct bus service to the center, the most convenient way to travel is by car. You may also avail of the services of tour operators. Several companies offer transportation services to the cultural center.

Address: Polynesian Cultural Center, 55-370 Kamehameha Highway, Laie, Hawaii 96762

Best time to visit Polynesian Cultural Center

People who seek the best climate would find the months between April and October as the best time to visit Oahu. For surfers, the best time to visit would be from December to February, when the waves rise high from 20 to 30 feet.

Polynesian Cultural Center Hours

The Polynesian Cultural Center opens from Mondays to Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas holidays. Various sections at the center open at different timings. The shows also have specific running times. Usually, the center opens at 11:45 p.m. and closes at 9:00 p.m. Hikulau market place timings are 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Check the official website for updated schedules.

Polynesian Cultural Center Tickets

Several packages are available for the Polynesian Cultural Center:
The General Admission Ticket, for day admission only, costs $59.95 for adult and $47.96 for a child of 5 to 11 years of age.

See all the packages at polynesia.com. You may also check the site for 10-15% discounts offered on several deals before booking Polynesian Cultural Center tour.

More about Polynesian Cultural Center

What is the parking fee?
You need to pay $8 for full-day parking. However, if you leave the complex within one hour after parking your vehicle, you will receive a complete refund. If, you leave after two hours of parking, you receive a half amount as a refund.

What are the coordinates of the Polynesian Cultural Center?
21.641204, -157.921032

Is tipping allowed at the cultural center?
No. The center has been established to serve the visitors.

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Image credit : Daniel Ramirez


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