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Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, USA

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Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, US

Landscape from the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, US

Crater Lake National Park in Oregon is one of the most preferred tourist attractions for travelers who come to spend their vacation every year in this beautiful province of USA. This lush green national park is set around the beautiful Crater Lake, which is considered to be the deepest lake with azure water enclosing the cliffs. It sees an inflow of half a million of people every year. From the months of July to August this national park remains chock-a-block with tourists. You can also participate in winter programs and activities here.

For a very short time every year, the Crater Lake National Park changes from winter hibernation to stretch out in summertime splendor. If you come to this beautiful national park in winters, then you will be surprised by the amount of snow that remains here for a long time.

From the months of October to June, the park turns into a snow-covered wasteland, gaining an average of 533 inches of snow. Even in the extensive winter months, the Crater Lake National Park still provides energetic visitors with an extraordinary open-air experience. The Cascade Rocky Mountain in the park features lush green forest, flora, and fauna.

While traveling to Oregon, you can see that the Crater Lake National Park lies at or near the protective boundaries of four territories – the Klamath to the southeast, Takelma to the southwest, the Upper Umpqua to the west and the Molala to the northwest.

This national park in southern Oregon provides some of the best adventurous options such as snowshoeing, biking, skiing, and hiking in the country.

Crater Lake National Park Map

Location map of Crater Lake National Pakr

Location map of Crater Lake National Park

Facts about Crater Lake National Park

  • Crater Lake is situated in Southern Oregon on the peak of the Cascade Mountain range, which is just 100 miles east to the Pacific Ocean.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt signed the bill establishing Crater Lake National Park on 22 May in the year 1902, making it the fifth oldest park of the USA.

Where is Crater Lake National Park ?

The Crater Lake National Park located in Oregon can be reached within a one-hour drive from the Chiloquin State Airport.

Best time to visit Crater Lake National Park

The Crater National Park is a perfect destination to visit during summer. In winters some of the trails and facilities are closed.

Crater Lake National Park Hours

The Crater Lake National Park remains open all throughout the year. The visitor center has specific timings.

Crater Lake National Park Tickets

The entry tickets to the Crater Lake National Park cost:

  • Car: $15 (7-day pass)
  • Motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians: $10 per person (7-day pass)

More about Crater Lake National Park 

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Published On: Friday, December 27th, 2013