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Yongpyong Ski Resort in South Korea

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Yongpyong Ski Resort, South Korea

Yongpyong Resort is home to the largest ski complex in Asia

The idea of rushing down the white slopes and cruising through the bends looks so real when you find yourself in Yongpyong Ski Resort. Home to the largest ski complex in Asia, this Resort teems with activities throughout the year. From indulging in snow-boarding and ice-skating in winter to swinging your clubs at a 45-hole golf course during summer, this all-weather attraction has so many sports to offer. A gondola ride across this ‘Winter Wonderland’ while watching the snow-clad mountain is surely a singular experience.


The Yongpyong Ski Resort was founded in 1975 as the first-of-a-kind modern winter sports facility in this far-eastern country. The Resort has held various international winter sports events and is now the venue for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

What to Do at Yongpyong Ski Resort ?

Go skiing and stretch your limits at the 28 ski slopes in the resort. Easy skiing for beginners and extreme skiing for professionals are on offer. Try snow-boarding and slide through the icy terrains for ultimate fun.

Ride the gondola and cable lifts to get a panoramic view of the scenic locales. If you are game for extreme sports, the Mountain Coaster is for you. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you slide down the 1.3-km-long steep ride with sharp turns and curves taking you to the ground at a speed of 40 km/h. You may also try the Zip-line flying (an aerial rope-slide) over the ski slopes.

The Water Park at the Yongpyong Ski Resort comes with various water slopes, slides, and rides lending excitement to kids and adults alike. The Waterpark has an Indoor and an Outdoor Zone. While the Indoor Zone has rides such as Tube Rider, Snow Adventure, and Body Slide, the Outdoor Zone is popular for its Hi-speed Slide and Space Ball Slider. Trying scented jacuzzi outside the water park is always an option.

The local attractions within the periphery of the Yongpyong Ski Resort are worth visiting. The Sam Yang Ranch – the gigantic ranch is Asia’s largest and has served as a preferred location for many TV series and movies; Mt. Seoraksan National Park is rich in flora and fauna; the Korean Native Plant Center is a natural study center where one can be introduced to a wide range of beautiful plants and trees and some rare Korean plants as well.

Get familiar with and enjoy a closer look at the Korean traditions, art, and culture by attending musical and cultural festivals held at the Resort. Pyeongchang Trout Festival, Odaesan Buddhist Culture Festival, Hyoseok Cultural Festival, and the Daegwallyeong Snow Festival are quite a draw among tourists.

Nearby Attractions

Woljeongsa (Buddhist temple) and Odaesan National Park are the major tourist attractions in the Pyeongchang county.

Where is Yongpyong Ski Resort?

The Resort is in Pyeongchang county of Gangwon-do province in South Korea. It is about 200km from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

How to Reach?

By Air – Get down at the Incheon International Airport and take the Airport Bus going to Yongpyong Ski Resort. A three-hour journey is enough to get there.

By Road – Shuttle bus services from both Seoul and Incheon Airport are available. Public Express Bus from Seoul takes around two and a half hours to reach the destination. You can take a cab from Incheon Airport and Seoul Subway Station as well.

Where to Stay?

Check in at the Tower, Villa, and Greenpia Condominiums within the resort for a lavish stay. Hotels like Daegwanryeong Sketch Pension, Edelweiss Pension, and 43rdstreet Guesthouse are quite reasonable and comfortable. Youth hostels are also an option.


There is a wide range of restaurants, food courts, and cafe bars at the Resort that serve both Korean and international delicacies and beverages.

Best Time to Visit Yongpyong Ski Resort

The most preferable time to visit the Yongpyong Resort is from mid-November to Early April.

Things to Remember

  • All rides, slides, attractions, festivals, and parks have different entry fees.
  • The place also offers night skiing with lifts remaining open from 8:30 am to midnight.

Facts About Yongpyong Ski Resort

  • The Yongpyong Ski Resort is spread over an area of 4,300 acres.
  • It has a maximum daily capacity of 25,000 guests approximately.
  • The ‘Dragon Plaza’ at the Resort is considered to be the largest ski complex in Asia.
  • The resort receives 250 cm of snowfall on an average every year.
  • It is located around 700 to 1,458m above sea level.
  • The resort is home to two 18-hole and one 9-hole golf course, and 28 ski slopes.
  • There are 14 cable lifts and one gondola.
  • The Resort is also referred as “Korea’s Ski Mecca”.
  • The Yongpyong Alpine Technical Venue will host the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

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Published On: Friday, August 28th, 2015