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Huacachina, Peru

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Huacachina, Peru

Oasis Town of Huacachina, Peru

The Huacachina is an oasis located in the heart of wind-sculpted sand dunes. The desert lagoon circled by palm trees, set in the backdrop of the dunes is reminiscent of the Sahara Desert. The teal lagoon features an array of rustic hotels. All the hotels and restaurants are expensive as compared to normal Peruvian restaurants and hotels.

According to a legend, a mermaid living inside the lagoon takes one man annually. However, the muscle cramp is one of the speculated reasons for the drownings. It occurs when the warm water on the upper surface gets mixed with the cooler water underneath.

The tourists frequently visit this oasis that offers a fine opportunity to do sand boarding and riding in a 4WD dune buggy. The adventure freaks would love to ride the buggies at a really dangerous speed. All terrain vehicles or “quads” are also available for a ride.

It takes about an hour to climb up the imposing dunes for a spectacular view of the sunset, depending upon your fitness level. Take along plenty of water, a scarf, and a camera. Soak up the sun in the evenings and climb down the dunes in less than a minute, gliding a sandboard. For those who have done snowboarding, sandboarding may be a disappointment due to its pace and difficulty in maneuvering. The paddle and row boats are available for hire at the lagoon. If you are an avid swimmer, you may also try to swim in the lagoon.

Many people claim that Huacachina is a boring place, and the reason is they don’t indulge in various activities that are conducted here. If you miss sandboarding or riding a sand buggy, you too, would not find visiting the oasis a profitable deal.

The visitors also taste some of the exquisite wines served in the wineries and Pisco bodegas scattered all over Ica. If you are in Peru, the trails of Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Sacred Valley, and Saksaywaman, are not-to-be missed destinations.

Huacachina Map

Facts about Huacachina

  • An antique representation of the Huacachina town can be seen on Peru’s 50 soles bill.
  • The oasis of Huacachina is located 4 km west of Ica, in southern Peru.

Where is Huacachina?

The Pisco Airport is about 82.1 km away from Huacachina via Panamericana Sur Route. Huacachina can be reached within an hour from the Pacific coast. Direct buses called Peru Hop are available from various cities to Huacachina.

Best time to visit Huacachina

The high season is during the Easter Week and the New Year holidays. The weather in Peru is idyllic from May through November. Plan your tour to Huacachina accordingly.

More on Huacachina

What are the coordinates of the Huacachina oasis?

Is there any ATM in Huacachina?
Yes. There is only one ATM in Huacachinero Hostal.




Published On: Tuesday, May 27th, 2014