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If you are keen on finding out your dream destination which will have picturesque silvery white sandy beaches, clear blue sky, never ending lines of shady palm trees and translucent water, then Maldives can be your next dream destination. Maldives is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and it is made up of 1200 tiny coral islands. Numerous natural wonders of the Maldives, immaculate in every sense, grab the attention of thousands of tourists from different corners of the world. Maldives with its tranquil tropical island, lush green palm trees, exotic white beaches, and gleaming turquoise lagoons leaves all its visitors spoilt for choices. Whatever may be your preference and choice, Maldives offers something for everyone.

The best time to visit the Maldives Islands is during the months of December and April when the climate is ideal for getting engaged in outdoor activities. The most popular option of reaching Maldives is to fly down as there are regular flights which connect Maldives to Colombo (Sri Lanka), Trivandrum (southwest India), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

There are numerous sightseeing destinations in the Maldives which include Male, Bolifushi, Thulhagiri Resort, Ari Atoll, Rasdhoo, and Male Atoll. Start packing your bags and head for your dream vacation in Maldives.

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Getting In

Airways is the only way of reaching Maldives from anywhere in the world. The two international airports of the country are the Male International airport and the Gan International airport. Other than these two airports, Maldives has three other domestic airports, namely, the Kaadedhdhoo airport, the Hanimaadhoo airport and the Kadhdhoo airport.

The domestic carriers such as the Island Aviation Services, the Maldivian Air Taxi and the Trans Maldivian Airways, facilitate getting around the country. Many foreign airlines, however, operate flights to Maldives.

Arriving in Maldives requires no former visa application. A tourist visa would be issued on your arrival, which would be valid for a period of 30 days. The Emirates have daily flights to Maldives from locations like Dubai, Colombo, Paris, Zurich, etc. Air Lanka and Pakistan International Airline have flights from Colombo, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome, Zurich, Frankfurt, Dubai, etc.

The Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines operate flights to Maldives from destinations like Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, etc. The Thai Airways operate flights to Maldives from destinations like New York, Bangkok, Tokyo, Mumbai, Zurich, Sydney, etc. The Indian Airlines operate flights to Maldives from Mumbai, Calcutta, Dubai, etc.


The different modes of transportation in Maldives are listed below:

Planes are the fastest means to travel in Maldives. The country has five airports, of which two are international and three are domestic. The Male Airport and the Gan Airport are the two international airports and the three domestic airports are the Kaadedhdhoo airport, the Kadhdhoo airport, and the Hanimaadhoo airport. The Island Aviation Services, the Trans Maldivian Airways, and the Maldivian Air Taxi are the domestic carriers functioning in the Maldives. The planes, of the Trans Maldivian Airways, and the Maldivian Air Taxi airlines, usually carry about 10 passengers.

You can move from one island to another in the Maldives by ferries. You can pick your preferred boat from the available choices ranging from the charter boats to high-speed boats. The resorts also help their guests in booking the boats.The Four Seasons resort offers cruisers with food and drinks on-board. The traditional boats are known as Dhoni. These are run on diesel. The Vedis are larger boats than Dhoni and are used for long distance journeys.

The capital city of Maldives, Male is where you would be able to hire a cab quite easily. The roads in Male are quite well maintained and a journey by taxi would not be uncomfortable.
Some of the other interesting options to get around Maldives include cycles and motorbikes.


Tourists visiting this nation can try out various water sports like diving, snorkeling, scuba-diving, swimming, fishing, etc. The resorts in the Maldives would take care of your entertainment during your stay there. They would also provide you with the necessary equipment to carry out the activities. You could also indulge in traditional sports like football, tennis, etc.

The capital city of Maldives, Male, boasts of cafes, shops, and restaurants to keep you busy for the whole day. Some of the items that you could buy are sea shells, jewelry, reed mats, and lacquered boxes made of wood. The shops remain open from 8:30 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. On all days of the week, the shops keep their shutters down five times a day, each for a period of 15 minutes, for praying. On Fridays, the shops open at 1:30 p.m.

Visit the country during the festival of Eid to see its full bloom. A major festival in the Maldives, Eid was first celebrated in the country during the beginning of the 12th century. Things have changed since then, but the enthusiasm for the festival remains undiminished. Nowadays, the festival is celebrated with western music shows. Various cultural shows are held throughout the Maldives during this time.

You could also visit some of the major tourist destinations and attractions located in Maldives. Some of them are listed below:

  • The National Museum
  • The Hukuru Miskiiy
  • The Mulee-aage
  • The Islamic centre
  • The Male Fish Market
  • The Local Market

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