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Capo Sant’Andrea Beach

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Located on the island of Elba in coastal Italy, the Capo Sant’Andrea Beach is a delight for leisure loving travelers. The waters are crystal clear to the extent that you can…

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Located on the island of Elba in coastal Italy, the Capo Sant’Andrea Beach is a delight for leisure loving travelers. The waters are crystal clear to the extent that you can get a clear view of the seabed a long way off the coast. The golden Beach of Capo Sant’Andrea is lined with chestnut trees right down to the shore.

Location of Capo Sant’Andrea
Capo Sant’Andrea, locally known as Piccola isola nell’isola, is located in the island of Elba, the third largest island in Italy and the largest in the Tuscan Archipelago. The great Napoleon had spent almost a year in exile in this beautiful island on the Elban Sea. The island itself is rather small with a circumference of about 91 miles.

When Should I Plan a Visit?
Capo Sant’Andrea experiences a classic maritime climate and with cool, sunny summers and mild winter. During summer, Capo Sant’Andrea receives the Sirocco wind from the south-east. The humidity is somewhat less as a north-westerly wind makes its presence felt. Due entirely to such pleasant weather, you can visit Capo Sant’Andrea all the year round.

Getting to Capo Sant’Andrea, Elba, Italy

You can reach Capo Sant’Andrea by both air and sea.

By air: Elba has its own airport – the Marina di Campo Airport, which has direct flight services to Munich and Zurich. The airport mostly caters to domestic flights, though. To reach Capo Sant’Andrea by air, you can catch any of these flights from any major airport in Italy. On reaching the Marina di Campo Airport, you can hire a car or taxi and drive straight to Capo Sant’Andrea.

By sea: There is a daily ferry service to Elba from the mainland. The island has three harbors – Rio, Porto Azzurro, and Marina Portoferraio. The ferry takes approximately 1 hr to cover the 6 mile distance from the mainland.

You can board the ships which ferry you to Capo Sant’Andrea along with your car at Piombino Marittaima.

Where is Capo Sant’Andrea Beach?

Moving Around Capo Sant’Andrea

To get around Capo Sant’Andrea you can rent a car or motorcycle. You can also bring your own car to Capo Sant’Andrea. You can also rent a bicycle for a day and explore the island.

Beach Attractions
The crystal clear waters of the Elban Sea will entice you to go diving. You can explore the shallow seas, the submerged shoals, as well as the mountain faces that stand out straight from the sea. This is the perfect beach to relax in the rich yellow sands and to go swimming in the cool waters. Capo Sant’Andrea is located in the great western headland of Elba. Most of the mountains in this island are located in this region. The mountains have ancient trails and mule tracks. The island authorities have preserved these paths and have put up signposts at regular intervals for your benefit. You can explore the beautiful hinterlands of the mountains and study the rich flora and fauna of the island, and capture the panoramic view it offers. You can also go on excursions which are organized daily. You can choose to go on foot, or on a mountain bike, or in a kayak around the island.

Hotels Near Capo Sant’Andrea, Elba, Italy

All the hotels are located at a short distance from the Capo Sant’Andrea beach.

Hotel Belmare
Loc. Patresi,
57030 Marciana,
Elba Island, Italy
Phone: 1-866-599-6674

Hotel Montemerlo
Via del Canaletto,
57034 Fetovaia,
Elba Island, Italy
Phone: 00 39 0565 988051

Case per Vacanze Le Pitte
Via del Renaio no 48,
57034 Marina Di Campo,
Elba Island, Italy

Hotel Piccolo Versilia
Via dell’Acquedotto 1580,
57034 Marina Di Campo,
Elba Island, Italy
Phone: 00 39 0565 976123

Hotel Villa Wanda
Localita Lido di Capoliveri,
57036 Porto Azzurro,
Elba Island, Italy

Restaurants & Dining Italian cuisine needs very little introduction. Elba is well-known for its fish and other seafood dishes. The fish is cooked in a local style and is served in a number of ways. The local schiaccia briaca cake is an original sweet focaccia which is filled with pine-seeds and currants. It is then flavored with Aleatico wine. Your visit to Capo Sant’Andrea will be incomplete unless you try this dessert.

Elba is also famous for its local wine including the red, dry white, and rose table wines.

Tamata Winebar & Restaurant
Via Cesare Battisti, 3,
57036 Porto Azzurro,
Elba Island, Italy
Phone: +393493586956

Da Piero
Via degli Etruschi | Bagni Iselba,
Marina Di Campo,
Elba Island, Italy
I Sapori Del Sole
Via Cavour, 3,
Porto Azzurro,
Elba Island, Italy
Phone: 3334432035

Osteria La Botte Gaia
viale Europa 5/7,
57036 Porto Azzurro,
Elba Island, Italy
Phone: +39 0565 95607

BerBene Bar Enoteca
Via Dell’amore 40,
57037 Portoferraio,
Elba Island, Italy
Phone: 05651840076

For the weary traveler, Capo Sant’Andrea beach is the perfect getaway to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Its location between the mountains and the sea makes it a unique tourist destination of the world.

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