Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

France is acknowledged as one of the top five premier destinations in the world. France is also home to some of the world’s most romantic destinations and is considered as the heaven for romantic couples from all over the world.

France is the country which presented the world champagne, casseroles, and Camembert. It has also carved a distinct niche for itself among the food lovers due to its delicious cuisines, and it is the right place to savor your taste buds with a variety of mouth watering delicacies and to taste some of the best wines in the world.

The ideal time to visit the magnificent country of France is during the spring as the weather remains perfect for getting around for the visitors. Air France and along with a host of other airlines connects France with the rest of the world. Rail services link France with every country in Europe and traveling by railways can be fascinating options for those travelers who want to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the French country side.

Famous France tourist spots video

France is fascinating country which comprises of superb city like Paris, exotic beaches, grand monuments, spectacular natural beauty, breathtaking mountain scenery and romantic ambiance that is sure to make all its visitors spell bound. We Provide extensive information on the eminent sight seeing destinations in France and Paris, Marseille, Grenoble, Lyon, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Alp d’Huez Strasbourg, Lille, Cannes, and Le Havre are some of the all time favorite destinations in France.

France Tourist Map

Getting In

  • There are numerous choices for reaching France and undoubtedly the best means of transportation to reach France are the airways. France is connected with all the major cities of Europe as well as the other major cities of the world. The visitors can easily opt for any of the several international airlines that have regular scheduled flights to France.
  • Roissy – Charles de Gaulle is the main international airport in France and for most of the passengers flying to France from outside of Europe have to get down directly at this international airport. Many international airlines operate in France such as Air France; the national airlines in France, AeroMexico, Alitalia, US Continental, NorthWest, and Delta Airlines are some of the popular air travel options to France. The visitors can also avail several cheap airlines which offer low cost flights, and Ryan air and Volare are two such low cost airlines. You may also reach France by train. The French rail company, SNCF, offers direct and regular rail services from most of the European countries. Reaching France by bus is not really a very convenient option as there are no national bus services, but Eurolines is a private bus service that connects more than 500 destinations, and thus you can opt for it if you are interested in traveling by bus.


  • A tour to France includes a host of attractions like Eiffel Tower in Paris, Versailles, Louvre Museum, Disneyland Paris, Cannes International Film Festival, Fontainebleau, Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Rhone-Alps France, Loire Valley, and a sizzling array of exotic beaches and spectacular museums. It is important to have a sound system of transportation in France so that it becomes easier for the tourists to get around in France without any hassles. France offers a number of commuting choices for the travelers who are paying a visit to France.
  • Several international airlines operate regular flights to France, and there are several domestic airlines in France which provides regular flights to different cities and regions of France. Other than flights, trains are also a popular in France. The French National Railways is renowned in the whole world for its excellent service and in France there are more than 12,000 kilometers of electrified tracks. France is served by SNCF, an extensive net work of national rail system which offers a variety of passes for the convenience of the tourists.
  • Since France takes pride in its well-developed net work of highways, therefore, car is a comfortable as well as convenient mode of travel in France.


  • France is packed with a dazzling array of options for entertainment. Hit the night clubs as France boasts of pulsating night life that immediately catches you in its electrifying frenzy. Night life attractions in France include live rock and jazz bars, pubs, theatre, opera, and concerts. Catch the real untamed spirit of the French people.
  • There are numerous options to participate in outdoor sports, and if you are interested in some sort of sports or the other, you will surely find it heart warming to spend a great time trying out the adventurous sports in France. Cycling race is one of the most popular races in France and boating is also getting huge popularity in this country presently. The most popular water sports in France are fishing, hiking, and river rafting. Apart from these water sports, rock climbing and mountaineering are also getting enormous preferences from the sports lovers in France.
  • France is no doubt the paradise for shoppers belonging to any corner of the world. Paris is the best place to start your shopping in France and lace, crystal glass, cheeses, coffee, wines, spirits, and liqueurs are the all time favorites for the shoppers. Paris is also the home for a number of antique centers where you can get a variety of beautiful antique stuffs at a reasonable price. For those who are interested in acquiring branded designer staff, Paris will meet up to their expectations with flying colors.

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