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Places to Visit in Chad

The region of Chad has remained an unexplored realm due to political turmoil. The country boasts of some of the interesting attractions. A part of the Great Desert or the Sahara Desert lies in Chad. The highest mountain peak in Chad is Emi Koussi. Only those who are gifted with a mettle for adventure, are able to climb up the volcano of Emi Koussi. The Zakouma National Park, covering about 1,200-square-mile area is home to African wild animals. There are around 44 species of game animals in the park. The capital city of N’Djamena is home to the Chad National Museum along with some mosques and cathedrals. Chad’s Ennedi Desert boasts of some of the ancient rock art and natural rock formations. Lake Chad, once the largest lake on the Earth became dry during the 1990s. Since then, it has been recovering and has become an ideal spot to see the wildlife, especially from August through December.

Chad Tourist Attractions