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Tennis Associations

ITF Tennis, under the ITF or the International Tennis Federation, has been holding tournaments for men women and juniors of all levels with an aim of spreading the game of tennis worldwide.
The ITF, which controls the tennis world by publishing the rules of the game, also holds a number of tournaments. These include mainly the lowest tier tournaments for the men players. These tournaments are said to compose what is known as the ITF Men's circuit and it is this circuit where most of the men players make their professional debut in the ITF Circuit.

The ITF or the International Tennis Federation, which was founded in Paris on 1 st March, 1913, holds a number of tennis tournaments. These include the Davis Cup for men and the Fed Cup for women among the team tournaments. It is also involved in the staging of the four Grand Slams, namely the Wimbledon, the French Open, the US Open and the Australian Open. Till 2006, the satellite tournaments were also organized, but they are held no more. The ITF also holds a variety of tournaments for the young girls and boys in an attempt to spread the love for the game of tennis among them. Some of the famous players to have emerged champions in several ITF events are Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, Boris Becker and others.

The ITF or the International Tennis Federation is one of the major governing bodies of tennis of the world. It has been working hard for years with a steady mission of making the game of tennis popular among the people across the globe.

ATP Tennis or The Association of Tennis professionals is the governing body of tennis in the men's circuit of professional tennis. It consists of all the tennis tournaments organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals or ATP. The organization is affiliated to the International Tennis Federation or the ITF, the international governing body of tennis. The ATP was founded in 1972 with aim of ruling the sport in the domain of men's tennis. Since then, the organization has been controlling various tennis events scheduled under ATP Tennis Tour.

ATP tennis tour schedule includes numerous tennis tournaments, which are held around the world throughout the year. Tennis tournaments included in the ATP Tennis schedule are divided in various groups. The main groups of tennis tournaments held under ATP Tennis are Grand Slams, Tennis Masters Cup, ATP Masters Series, ATP International Series, ATP International Series Gold, ATP Challenger Series, Satellites Tournaments and Futures tournaments. The Satellite Tournaments and Future Tournaments are contested as ITF events, which are included in the ATP Tennis schedule. Tennis Master Cup is also held in association with the ITF.

WTA Tennis refers to the tennis events held under the supervision of the Women's Tennis Association or the WTA Tour. The Women's Tennis Association is the supreme authority in the domain of women's tennis. The WTA is affiliated to the international governing body of tennis, the International Tennis Federation or the ITF. WTA Tennis consists of numerous tennis tournaments held every year in the women's circuit. WTA is a similar organization to the Association of Tennis Professionals or ATP, which governs men's circuit in the international domain of tennis.

The Women's Tennis Association or the WTA was established in the month of September in 1973. Since then, the organization has been holding a number of tennis tournaments every year. At present WTA is known as the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. The tournaments organized under the WTA tennis can be categorized in various groups. The main groups of WTA Tennis tournaments are Grand Slams, Season-ending championships and Tier tournaments. The Tier tournaments are again divided into four sub-categories named Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV. Players participating in the WTA Tennis tournaments are awarded points on their performance during the competition. These points are calculated to decide their places on the ITF rankings. Apart from these tournaments, there are also some ITF events included in the schedule of WTA Tennis.

USTA Tennis, under the guidance of the USTA or the United States Tennis Association, has been one of the most thriving governing bodies and its undertaken events in the world of tennis.The non-profit organization has its own group of members, volunteers, professional staff and financial supports who help to run the organization with a common motto of promoting and developing the growth of tennis.

The USTA which is the largest tennis organization in the world organizes a number of tournaments, ranging from the nursery to the professional levels. The USTA organizes tournaments for juniors, adults as well as the wheelchair players. It also runs the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center which every year hosts the US Open Tennis, one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments of the world and the US Open Series . The USTA also holds a number of tournaments across USA and supervises the sport in the different states of the country. The organization, established in 1881, also has a shop for the marketing of its brand items. The organization also works on the spread of the popularity of tennis and has the matches telecasted on the television.