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Though it was never found out who invented golf it is generally accepted that golf goes back a minimum of 500 years. There is evidence that people started playing golf before 1457 because on 6 March, 1457 James II of Scotland banned golf and football as these sports were hampering archery practice. History of Golf brings you the interesting details about how golf gradually evolved from the medieval to the modern times. There is a legend that shepherds, while getting bored tending their flocks, used to hit stones into rabbit holes with their wooden crooks near St Andrews. They became adept at this and it led to the birth of golf on the greens of Scotland .

Birth of Golf
Birth of Golf: There are evidences that, people had been playing ball games with a club or stick for a very long period in the history of mankind. These club and ball games have been origin of many modern sports. The birth of the modern sport golf can be traced back to such a club and ball game.

Birth of Golf as a Modern Game
Birth of Golf as a Modern Game: Golf was originated in Scotland during the fifteenth century. Since then, the sport has come a long way. With the passing time, golf has emerged as a global professional sport. The nineteenth and twentieth century saw the modernization of golf influenced by the British colonialism and the Industrial Revolution. In the beginning of the twentieth century, there was much advancement in the golf equipments. With all these innovations, golf came forth as a modern game.

Early Golf Clubs
Early Golf Clubs: Golf originated as a favorite pastime of the Scottish people in the fifteenth century. As time passed, golf became more developed and as a result, its popularity soared. The equipments used in the sport have also been revolutionized.

Game Becoming a Sport
Game Becoming a Sport: The origin of the game golf was in the fifteenth century Scotland. The game was banned by the parliament of King James II in 1457. In spite of being banned till 1502, the popularity of the game kept on growing among the Scottish people. In the sixteenth century, St. Andrews Links emerged as the oldest golf course of the world. The old golf courses did not always have eighteen holes like the modern ones. The St. Andrews Links was situated at a narrow strip of land along the sea coast. The players also followed a fixed path through the territory driving the balls into the holes. The number of holes was not fixed during the initial days of the game.

Golf Becomes a Professional Sport
Golf Becomes a Professional Sport: Golf evolved as a popular pastime game in Scotland during the fifteenth century. In the nineteenth century, influenced by the British colonialism and Victorian Industrial Revolution, the game got the status of an international sport.

Golf Goes Overseas
Golf Goes Overseas: Golf was originated in Scotland during the fifteenth century. The game became immensely popular among the Scottish people. With the increasing popularity of the game, golf spread across the borders in other European countries. By the nineteenth century, the game got the status of an international sport.

History of Golf Clubs
The history of golf dates back to the fifteenth century, when it emerged as a favorite pastime of the Scottish people. With the passage of time, golf and the equipments used for the sport has undergone lots of changes. At present, golf is one of the most popular games in the world.

Second Generation of Golf Clubs
Second Generation Golf Clubs: Golf evolved during the fifteenth century in the east coast of Scotland. The sport originated as a pastime. With the growing popularity of the sport, the equipments also developed. In the nineteenth century, after the Industrial Revolution, the golf equipments were revolutionized.

A Time of Living Memory
A Time of Living Memory: The origin of golf can be traced back to the fifteenth century Scotland, where the game was played as a pastime. With the advancement of the science and technology, the sport also grew bigger and bigger. By the twentieth century, golf had got the status of a global and a recognized modern sport. However, the twentieth century also witnessed much development of the sport.