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Maldives Information

Maldives Communications is a fast developing sector of the island nation. Initially the facilities of communication available in Maldives were not modernized and upgraded. With time, the condition of Maldives communications improved and now all the inhabited islands are connected via different means of communication.

The domestic telephone system of Maldives provides the means of communication between the islands forming the atolls. The main telephone lines in use number up to an approximate 21,000. An important means of communication in Maldives, the telephone system connecting the islands with the world are more developed, provided by 3 Intelsat.

Maldives Currency
Maldives Currency unit is the Rufiyaa. The monetary unit Rufiyaa was adopted in the year 1981 as the official currency of Maldives. Before the introduction of the Rufiyaa, the currency of Maldives was the Maldivian Rupee. One rufiyaa is constituted of 100 laaris.

Maldives currency notes are available in denominations ranging from Rf 500, 100, 50 to smaller ones like Rf 20, 10 and 5. The denominations of coins in the currency of Maldives are of Rf 1 and 2 as well as of 50, 25, 10, 5, 2, 1 laari. The exchange rate of Maldives currency varies from time to time.

The approximate currency exchange rate stands at 1 Maldive Rufiyaa equal to 0.07716 US Dollar or 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 12.96000 Maldive Rufiyaa. The steady decline of Maldives currency with regard to the US Dollar is one of the chief economic concerns of the island nation.

Most of the hotels, beach resorts, banks and shops of the islands provide services of currency exchange in Maldives. The services vary from island to island, depending on the development of a particular island. A majority of foreign currencies are accepted, the chief one being the US Dollar.

Maldives Immigration
Maldives Immigration is under the supervision of the Department of Immigration and Emigration, the Republic of Maldives. The Department ensures the lawful immigration of the people and the safekeeping of the boundaries of the nation from illegal entrance to and exit from Maldives. The first Passport Office of Maldives was set up on 24 March, 1950.

When Maldives was a British protectorate the people of Maldives could use the British passport. The Harbor Master, known as 'Meerubahur' was in charge of the entrance and exit points of Maldives. After independence, however, Maldivian passport began to be issued to the nationals of Maldives.

The different units of the Department of Immigration work together for maintaining the rules and regulations of immigration. The Head of Immigration controls all the units of the department. The major units include the following:
  • Male Commercial Harbor Immigration Control Unit
  • Hulhule International Airport Immigration Control Unit
  • Uligam Regional Immigration Control Unit
  • Travel Document Section
  • Permits Section
  • Management Services Section
  • Budget and Finance Section
  • Information Technology Section
  • Intelligence Unit
  • Research and Development Unit
  • Human Resource Development Unit

The issuance of visas and permits for legal immigration to Maldives is done by the Department of Immigration. It is the duty of the department to provide facilities to implement all laws regarding immigration to Maldives. It is also their task to ensure that illegal immigration to Maldives is completely stopped.

Maldives Embassy
Maldives Embassy is known by a different name in different countries of the world. The Diplomatic missions of Maldives to the countries of India, Sri Lanka, United States of America and United Kingdom are responsible for all the tasks assigned to an embassy of a country. The Diplomatic missions of Maldives enhance the cordial relations with the countries and strengthen the bonds of friendship.

The Diplomatic mission to UNO is officially known as The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations Office at Geneva. The mission provides a platform for Maldivian people in the United Nations. The organizations and associations of the whole world are linked to the country of Maldives through this mission.

The aim of the mission of Maldives to UK and European Union is to present the realities of the island nation. Along with the strengthening of ties of amity, the High Commission of Maldives in UK also represents the interests of the Maldivian people living in Europe. Consular services to the Maldivian people are provided through the mission of Maldives.

The High Commission of Maldives in Sri Lanka looks after the majority of the tasks considered to be part of the duty of Maldives embassy. The High Commission is responsible for the issuing of documents for entrance to and exit from Maldives. The High Commission of Maldives in Sri Lanka also provides information about the sectors of economy, trade, employment, tourism, etc of Maldives.

The High Commission of Maldives established in India is targeted at improving relations between the two countries. The High Commission in India provides consular services, travel tips, information about business and economics, political conditions, etc of Maldives.

Last Updated Date: September 22, 2016

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