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Maldives Education

Maldives Education system has undergone many changes during the previous years. There are three kinds of traditional institutions namely the Kiyavaage, the Makthab and the Madhrasaa.
All these institutes have great contribution towards the educational development of the country. The high literacy rate (93%) of Maldives is a result of the genuine effort of these three types of educational institutes.

The Makthabs mainly teaches the young pupils of Maldives to read and write in Arabic and Dhivehi. Simple mathematics is also included in the course. The Madhrasaa focuses on the importance of literary skill.

In 1984 a new curriculum was introduced for primary and middle school in Maldives. According to this curriculum more emphasis should be given on Dhivehi language, environmental studies, science, English language, mathematics, fine arts, calligraphy and physical education.

The government is trying to improve the standard of education in Maldives. Many more schools (including English medium) are opening up in the country.

Maldives Schools
Maldives Schools are categorized into three types and they are namely English language primary and secondary schools, Quaranic Schools and Dhivehi language primary schools.

The primary Maldives education comprises of class one to five and the age of the enrolling children usually varies from six to ten years. Secondary education is further divided from class six to ten and higher education constitutes class eleven and twelve. A survey of Maldives Schools in 1992 showed that the total number of pupils in Maldives was 73,642 and the number of government and private schools were 32,475 and 41,167 respectively.

Initially the traditional education was imparted by the religious leaders in Maldives. Such schools were known as "edhuruge" and they basically followed the patterns of Quaranic schools. The Primary schools in Maldives are also known as "madhrasaa".

With the collaboration of International organizations the science education center was established in 1979 along with the opening of Arabic education center in 1979 in Maldives. The later half of 1993 witnessed the opening of Maldives Institute of Technical Education. The Maldives schools have recently seen positive developments and promises a better future ahead.

Maldives Colleges and Universities
Maldives colleges & universities cater higher education to the individuals and they are controlled by the Ministry of Education. Maldives College of Higher Education is the best among all the Maldives colleges & universities. Maldives College of Higher Education is one of the popular and prestigious institutions of Maldives.

The college has several functions. It regularly promotes knowledge and scholarship to the deserving candidates. Research activities in various fields are carried in Maldives College of Higher Education and they provide training and education in the necessary areas.

The administration of the college is handled by a dean along with the staffs. Various short term and long term courses are conducted in this college and technical degrees as well as non-technical degrees are included in the college curriculum.

Courses and programs offered at Maldives College of higher education are given below:
  • Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Construction Management
  • Diploma in Architecture
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Diploma in Pharmacy
  • Advanced Certificate in Primary Health Care
  • Advanced Certificate in Counseling
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Advanced Certificate in Marine Engineering
  • Advanced Certificate in Marine Operations

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