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Bahrain Tourist Attractions

Map of tourist attractions in Bahrain

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Sight seeing around the ancient Middle Eastern country of Bahrain gives the tourists an idea about its rich culture and heritage. Every year around two million tourists visit this island country for its exotic geographical location and tourist spots. While going sight seeing in Bahrain one must expect to see the most extraordinary and striking locations. Most of the tourist's destinations in Bahrain are renowned world wide for their uniqueness. Major tourist attractions

Arabian Gulf or al-Khaleej al-Arabi in Arabic, is situated between the Arabian Peninsula and Southwest Asia.It is linked by the Straits of Hormuz towards the Arabian Sea which is the northwestern segment of the Indian Ocean. This is measured that the Arabian Gulf is approximately 615 miles long and possesses a maximum width of 210 miles. The Arabian Gulf occupies the area of about 93,000 square miles.

Bahrain Causeway or King Fahd Causeway is in all probability the most impressive road construction project of all in Bahrain. It is found that the construction of the King Fahd Causeway is linking up the island of Bahrain with the Saudi Arabian terra firma. The agreement for the construction was signed on July of year 1981 and o n the very day of 11th November of the year of 1982, the foundation stone of the bridge was jointly placed by King Fahd and Sheikh Isa bins Salman Al-Khalifa who was the contemporary the ruler of Bahrain. This Bahrain Causeway is a four-lane highway, with about 25 meters of width and approximately 26 kilometers of length.

Bahrain Fort, one of the most eminent historical relics of Bahrain, is the witness of several historic events and incidents of the island of Bahrain. Several names are used to refer this marvelous fort of Bahrain. The gamut of popular names for Bahrain Fort includes Qala'at al-Bahrain, Qalat al-Bahrain, Qal'at-al-Bahrain and Qalaat al-Bahrain. Bahrain Fort is situated in Manama, Bahrain and is regarded as an archaeological site. This observed that the Fort of Bahrain is fabricated with an artificial heap shaped and formed by the human residents from approximately the era of 2300 BC to the 1700 BC.

The Bahrain National Museum proudly displays the remnants of its rich cultural and heritage. A visit to the national museum of Bahrain will take the visitors to the ancient and medieval Middle Eastern world. This museum of Bahrain is in operation since 1988 as it took about 4 years for the government to custom built the museum from 1984. The inauguration of this museum was in the hands of H.H. Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa who was the Amir of Bahrain . The 6000 years of Bahrain history is well projected in every section of this museum. While visiting the Bahrain National Museum the tourists can also take a tour of the aquarium, exhibition halls and the national library which are located in the same civic complex.

Barbar Temple of Bahrain is one of the most eminent historical relics of the Bahrain Island. Travelers and visitors around the world will find the unique manifestation of Bahrain antiquity in this Barbar Temple. This historical temple is situated in the Village of Barbar and is considered as an eminent archaeological site.

Dilmun Burial Mounds - This history of this Burial Mounds is traced back to Dilmun epoch. Endeavors to look after the burial mounds have clashed with disagreement by devout fundamentalists who regarded the Burial Mounds as non-Islamic.A group of excavators from Denmark came to discover the principal city of the Bronze Age suddenly they found several articles and 'tumuli's with significant attributes. Every one of the 'tumuli' found here is made of a middle stone cavity that is confined by a short ring-wall and enclosed by soil and crushed rock. Dimension of the mounds alters, but the greater part of them is 4.5 meter by 9 meter in breadth and with 1meter to 2 meter height. The lesserburial mounds generally include only a single chamber. Seldom there are other pairs of niches beside the central point of the bigger chambers.

Manama Souq in Bahrain is a very busy and vibrant marketplace with a number of traditional as well as modern browsing zones. The marketplace or souq is situated in the central part or the down town of the city of Manama, close to Bab Al Bahrain. The souq extends from Bab al Bahrain road on the eastern corner; Al Khalifa Road is extended on the north side of the Manama Souq. The Lulu Road is stretched towards the west and south. Abdulla Road is extended to the east. The travelers and visitors can select and browse almost all sorts of rare and common spices, thobes, amazing fabrics, kaftans, dry fruits, regional unique handicrafts, nuts, and almost all other things one wish to collect.

The Tree of Life in Bahrain is one of the mysteries of world which is bound to be in your sightseeing list while in this Middle Eastern country. The Tree of Life in Bahrain is four century old mesquite tree which survives in the midst of desert. The mystery of the survival of the tree has made it a legend. People from all over the Middle East and the world make it a point to visit this place to see this magic of nature. The name 'tree of life' is absolutely appropriate for the tree as it truly represents the magic of life. A legend is also attached to the site where the tree is located. The local inhabitants believe with heart and soul that this was the actual location of the Garden of Eden.

Some other tourist attractions in Bahrain are as follows

  • Al Fateh Mosque
  • Adhari Park
  • Al Khamis Mosque
  • Arad Fort
  • Bab Al Bahrain
  • Bahrain Grand Prix
  • Beit Al Qur'an
  • First Oil Well
  • Gold City
  • Jasra House
  • Khalid Al Khajah Fort
  • Riffa Fort
  • Riffa Golf Club
  • Seef Mall
  • Shaikh Isa's house
  • Siyadi House
  • Bahrain City Center

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