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What is the smallest mountain in the world?

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Map depicting smallest mountain on earth

Enough talks about the tallest mountain – the Mount Everest. Many of us are not looking forward to risk our lives to climb the whopping 29,029 ft. We are not the first ones anyway, right? Even if you have plans for it, maybe you should take a break and decide to trek on the shortest mountain, for a change.

Located in Australia is Mount Wycheproof, with a height of only 486 ft. The town where it is situated is itself known as Wycheproof, and lesser than 800 people are inhabited in the region. Ironically, the population is even lesser than people who assemble at the Everest Base camp in the peak season. As one would have predicted, Mount Everest has been climbed more times than the Mount Wycheproof. However, the community in the town does hold annual races till the hill-top. It holds one of the significant events called ‘Grain Festival’ and the government of Victoria is contributing towards establishing it as a popular tourist destination. Travelers can enjoy dinners or walk on the long tracks once they visit the location. There are chances one can spot wildlife including kangaroos and emus as well.

Wycheproof in aboriginal language translates to ‘grass on hill’. Sustaining its own transparent and pinkish mineral named ‘Wycheproofite’, the mountain is rocky and conical in shape, quite similar to the other mountains in western Victoria. The settlement here began in Wycheproof in year 1846 and since then the town has been established enough that it entails a railway line and numerous clubs like horse racing and reading.

There is a debate regarding its classification as a mountain, since most geologists believe that a mountain needs to be above 1000ft. The subjective debate still continues since different heights have been undertaken for consideration. Mountain or just a hill top – Wycheproof is helping its town establish an aura, as numerous tourists visit the destination. And why should they not, when the surroundings are magnificent, and include pleasant places for picnics and even heritage buildings.

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