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Map of Russia Highlighting Constitutional Amendment Referendum

Understanding Russia from Putin’s Actions

Is Putin’s Sweeping Constitutional Amendments a “Constitutional Coup” or a Step towards Maturing Russian Political Landscape? January 15, 2020 (Wednesday) is aContinue Reading…

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March 25, 2020
World Map depicting NATO members

What countries constitute the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?

The  North Atlantic Treaty Alliance,  is an international intergovernmental military alliance between 29 North American  and European  countries. The military alliance concerns theContinue Reading…

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October 11, 2018
World map showing homeless population rates in OECD countries

What countries have the highest rate of homeless population?

The situation of homelessness is not just an isolated issue, it is the catalyst and a breeding ground for other problems forContinue Reading…

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September 21, 2018
Map depicting members of Trans Pacific Partnership

What was Trans Pacific Partnership?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) did not become a reality as the US President-elect Donald Trump withdrew the signature of United States. TPPContinue Reading…

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September 18, 2018
World map showing countries with highest population uninterested in politics

What countries have the highest people not interested in politics?

The disengagement of the citizens in the political affairs of their nations mirrors the political health, as well as people’s representation inContinue Reading…

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September 16, 2018
World map depicting number of foreign bribery cases

What is the Anti-Bribery Convention?

The ‘Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions,’ is a convention of the ‘Organization for Economic Co-operationContinue Reading…

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September 9, 2018
Infographic elaborating south-south cooperation

What is ‘South-South Cooperation’?

The United Nations General Assembly, in 1974, through the resolution 3251(XXIX), endorsed the establishment of a unit within the United Nations DevelopmentContinue Reading…

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September 2, 2018
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