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Why is Chicago Experiencing Freezing Temperatures?

Chicago is in The Grip of Freezing Temperatures
Infographic is showing temperatures across US States and causes behind the extreme weather of Chicago.

Chicago is known to get extremely cold during winters; however, January 2019 will see temperatures plummeting to an all time low in The Windy City. On Wednesday, the high temperature is expected to plunge as low as minus 10. That is way colder than some of the coldest places on the planet. Compare it to the South Pole where the temperature would be minus 4, Zackenberg in Greenland at minus 11 and Barrow in Alaska at minus 7, and you would realize how cold it would be in Chicago. Tuesday night will see temperatures at 18 below zero. The coldest day with an all-time coldest temperature record of 27 degrees below zero was observed on Jan 20, 1985. The weather is expected to be so bad, that it would take only minutes for a person to experience frostbite.

Causes Behind The Extreme Weather

The Northern Hemisphere’s polar vortex is the main reason behind the unruly weather conditions being observed in the Chicago and most of the Midwest and Northeast. The polar vortex is described as a pocket of air above the North Pole. The westerly winds that are known as the polar jet stream contain the polar vortex; however, with a rise in temperatures in the Arctic, the polar jet stream weakens and enters parts of North America. At times, these winds split resulting in the cold air spilling in the south direction over mid latitudes.

Warning Issued

The authorities have issued warning and preparation are in place. The morning and evening commuters have been warned that the road conditions would be hazardous and slippery. A Wind Chill Watch has been issued by the weather service until Thursday morning. Travelers are having a harrowing time as of midday Monday around 802 flights were canceled at the O’Hare International Airport and 223 flights at the Midway International Airport. Classes were also disrupted at many schools in the Chicago area.

Have a look at the map of Chicago city for exploring it more.

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