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Map of Australia Bushfire

History of Bushfires: Is Australia’s Inferno the Epicenter of Earth’s Climactic Vengeance?

Australia is burning. Known for its picturesque landscape and biodiversity, the country is one of the top destinations for tourism and humanRead More…

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January 9, 2020
Volcanic Eruptions of Indonesia

What were The Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions in Indonesia?

Recently in December 2018, a tsunami caused havoc in Indonesia. More than 281 people were killed. The reason behind the tsunami? ItRead More…

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December 25, 2018
World map depicting deadliest Atlantic Hurricanes

What were the deadliest Atlantic Hurricanes of 21st century?

Hurricane Florence hit the southern East Coast of USA on September 14, and 1.7 million people in North Carolina, South Carolina andRead More…

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September 11, 2018
World map showing some of the world's most active volcanoes

Where are some of the world’s major active volcanoes?

The term volcano is directly stemming from the name, ‘Vulcano,’ a volcanic island in the Aeolian islands of Italy, which in-turn has its name rooted from the wordRead More…

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September 10, 2018
World map depicting top 20 countries contributing to plastic pollution

What are the top 20 countries contributing to plastic pollution?

The contemporary lifestyle of the world’s population, has created the greatest and most unprecedented plastic waste tide ever faced. Originating from theRead More…

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September 7, 2018
World map depicting countries with the highest road traffic injuries

What countries accounted for the highest road traffic injuries?

 The global public health challenge of road traffic injuries is a major threat and a neglected issue. It is estimated to thatRead More…

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September 7, 2018
Infographic elaborating reason why typhoons occur in Japan.

Why so much occurrence of typhoons in Japan?

Typhoons are areas of very intense low atmospheric pressure that occur over the north-western Pacific Ocean. These are tropical storms with sustainedRead More…

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September 6, 2018
World Map highlighting Major Nuclear Disasters

What are the major Nuclear Disasters that occurred around the world?

Nuclear power helps in generating 11% of electricity around the world. While it is the second largest source of low-carbon power, itRead More…

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June 25, 2018
World Map highlight Destructive Earthquakes (over magnitude 7)

What are the most Destructive Earthquakes that shook the world?

Every year hundreds of earthquakes strike different parts of the earth killing thousands of people and causing massive financial damage. Some ofRead More…

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June 12, 2018
World map highlighting ten deadliest coal mining disasters

What are the top ten Coal Mining Disasters in the world?

Though technological advancements have reduced the coal-mining related deaths, accidents in the past have been very tragic. Some of the causes includeRead More…

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June 10, 2018
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