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Canoa Quebrada in Ceara

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Canoa Quebrada Beach Image

Canoa Quebrada Beach in Ceará, Brazil

Canoa Quebrada is a beach located in Ceará – the northeastern state of Brazil. A crescent moon and a star carved into the sandstone cliffs have become the landmark of this beach village. The view of the imposing cliffs against the wide expanse of the ocean, which is sometimes dotted with the rafts, is a feast for the eyes. This is an ideal destination to watch the glorious sunset and admire the surreal beauty of sand dunes.


Canoa Quebrada means ‘broken canoe’ in Portuguese. It is believed that in the 70s, the hippies discovered the beach and it became their favorite place to unwind. It was also popular as a fishing village. With the passing of years, the beach has become family-friendly.

Things to Do in Canoa Quebrada

This beach destination has winds in its favor. While water sports enthusiasts can learn kite-surfing, the adventure lovers would not stop at anything short of dune buggy rides to explore the sand dunes and tandem paragliding on the top of the cliffs. You may also try quad biking.
Other activities like horseback riding, a tirolesa ride, or a jangada ride should also be on your wish list. Several cruises are available for a memorable journey on the river Jaguaribe. The nightlife at the beach is vibrant with music performances ranging from reggae, forró, rock, electronic music, jazz, and Brazilian folk music.

Canoa Quebrada Nearby Attractions

The city of Majorlândia, located about 9.9 km from the beach (via Rua Beco da Praia and Estrada Aracati-Majorlandia), is blessed with a wide range of natural attractions such as Esculturas de Areia. The town of Aracati is situated about 14.2 km (via Rua Beco da Praia and CE-371). It houses buildings dating back to the 18th century. You would be tempted to visit other beaches near Canoa Quebrada including Quixaba and Retirinho. Other tourist attractions that you can’t afford to miss include Falesias vermelhas, Redonda Beach, Lagoa do Mato Beach, Fortim Beach, Aldeia de pescadores, Ponta Grossa, and Aracati.

Canoa Quebrada Location Map

Facts about Canoa Quebrada

  • The beach has a wind farm that produces an estimated annual power of 154.0 GWh.

Where is Canoa Quebrada?

The Canoa Quebrada beach is located around 162 km from Fortaleza, Brazil (via CE-040). It takes around 2 hours and 31 minutes to reach the beach from Fortaleza.

How to Reach?

The nearest airport to the beach is Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport. It is located at a distance of 159 km. Only a few buses ply from Fortaleza to Canoa Quebrada. You may choose to travel via taxis.

Canoa Quebrada Hotels & Inns

Hotel Long Beach is for a traveler looking for luxurious accommodation near Canoa Quebrada. II Narughe Hotel and Pousada Tranquilandia meet the need for mid-range accommodations. Hotels such as Pousada Aruana, Falesia Praia Hotel, Hotel Tropicallia, and Villa Surf Beach are the best bet for budget travelers.


Canoa Quebrada has some of the fine pousadas (hotels) and restaurants located on the Broadway. The beach also has some of the choicest bars. The Ribeirão Pires has some of the popular restaurants and bars. The Freedom Bar is the most visited bar in the area. Most of the bars host bonfire nights and musical performances to help you get into a groove. Restaurants such as Chega Mais Beach, Barraca Antonio DO Coco, Costa Brava, Cabana, and Churrascaria El Argentino are some of the best dining addresses near Canoa Quebrada.

Best time to visit Canoa Quebrada

The best time to visit Canoa Quebrada is from July to January. The place experience heavy rain between March and April.

More on Canoa Quebrada

Which are the best hotels at the beach?
The Long Beach, Toby, and Tranquilandia are the best hotels at the beach.

Are there any pet-friendly hotels at Canoa Quebrada?
Yes. The pet-friendly hotels in Canoa are Pousada Residenza Canoa, Pousada Aruanã, and Pousada La Dolce Vita.




Published On: Thursday, April 3rd, 2014