Royal Mews

Gold State Coach at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace are by far the finest collection of working stables in the world. The stables are managed by the Department of Royal Household, which works after the road transport of the Queen and other members of the British monarchy.

The Royal Mews- a Useful Shelter
The Royal Mews provides shelter to both horse-drawn carriages as well as motor cars, which are an integral part of the royal cavalcade and are used particularly during coronations, state visits, royal weddings and other royal occasions.

One of the chief attractions of the Royal Mews is the regal "Gold State Coach", which was most recently used during the 2002 Golden Jubilee celebrations to carry the Queen and Prince Phillip for the Thanksgiving ceremony at the majestic St. Paul's Cathedral.

Presently, the Royal Mews encompasses a rectangular courtyard wherein the stables and carriages occupy the three sides. The state Coaches rest on the East side of the Mews and the West and North sides house the stables.

The British monarchy possesses over 100 carriages and coaches and some of the most intricately designed carriages are on display at the Royal Mews.

Royal Mews- a Royal Garage
The Royal Mews not only houses stables and carriages but it kind of serves as a Royal Garage as well. A whole lot of Royal motorcars are on display at the Royal Mews. As a gesture of British monarchy's commitment to reduce air pollution, a number of Limousines have been converted to run on liquid petroleum gas.

If luck is on your side, you might be able to witness the routine work of the Mews employees. The sight of the daily messenger who sets out from the Mews to collect and deliver royal post is an absolutely fantastic touristy experience.

Most of the horses at Mews are primarily Cleveland Bays, which are exclusive British breed carriage horses. There are also a few Windsor Grey breed horses on display.

The Royal Mews have existed ever since the advent of British monarchy. The Mews may be old, but to be in tune with modernization, the Royal Mews have constantly evolved. The latest innovation doing the round of the Mews is extending e-mail and Internet access to the staff.

Besides all the glamour that one involves in a Palace, certain simple everyday chores like feeding of horses, workouts and training can provide great fun to visitors.

Photo by :  Oast House Archive

Published On: Friday, June 21st, 2013