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New York Topographic Map

by poonam bisht

The topography of New York mainly consists of the Appalachian Highlands and Adirondack Mountains. Spanning over the southern front of New York the Appalachian Highlands expand from Hudson River Valley to Lake Erie Basin. Kittatinny Mountain Ridge and Catskill Mountains fall under the zone of Appalachian Highlands.

New York Topographic Map

The Adirondack Mountains are known to occupy about one-fourth part of New York state. The northeastern front of the state is enveloped by Adirondack Mountains. The New York Topographic Map highlights the rivers, lakes, elevation points and natural streams of the state. Mount Marcy, with a height of 5344 feet, is the highest point of New York and is located in Adirondack Mountains. Apart from the two uplands – Appalachian Highlands and Adirondack Mountains – New York also has lowland regions such as St. Lawrence Valleys, Lake Champlain, Mohawk and the Hudson. Lakes and rivers are the major topographic components of New York. While Hudson is the longest waterway of the state with 492 km, Oswego, Genesee and Black rivers come under the Western and Central parts of New York. The 35 km long Oneida Lake is known as the largest one among the 8000 lakes of New York. The New York State Map provides a clear overview of the topography of the state.

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