China Weather

For a country of China's size and its varied topography, the diverse weather patterns are an expected feature. There are primarily four seasons - Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn .

China has a subtropical climate and the temperatures can reach extremes in Summer and Winter . Spring and Autumn are very pleasant periods in almost all the regions.

Weather in North China : The northern winters are especially unforgiving since temperatures drop as an impact of the cold and dry northerly winds. Northern areas like Inner Mongolia and Urumqui face intensely cold winters during the periods of January to March. The weather in Beijing is cold and sometimes snowy, but also dry and sunny. In the summer months from May to August, the weather is hot and humid. There is heavy rainfall in July and August. In winter, Beijing has an average temperature of 32 o F and below, while in summer, temperature can rise to 100 o F and above.

Weather in South China : Due to the typhoons that usually affect the coastal regions, the weather here remains humid from April through September. There is a short winter from January to March, and places like Guangzhou are pleasantly cool. However, the humidity factor persists and there can be occasional drizzles.

Weather in Central China : The Summers in Central China are very warm and very humid. In places like Shanghai , the summers can last from April to October. The areas of Nanjing, Chonqing and Wuhan get very uncomfortable and are called the "Three Furnaces". The winter months are also very cold, with freezing temperatures.

Last Updated on: October 12th, 2017