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Standard of Living by Country (Highest Quality of Life)

Standard of Living by Country: Top Ten Countries with Standard of Living (Highest Quality of Life) is based on Human Development Index. Top countries include Norway (highest standard of living) , Australia and Sweden.

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Map of Top Ten Countries with High Quality of Life Canada Map USA Map Norway Map Sweden Map Map of Germany Ireland Map Netherlands Map Liechtenstein Map Australia Map New Zealand Map
Description:This Map shows top ten countries with highest quality of life in the world. Disclaimer

List of Top Ten Countries with Highest Quality of Life in the World 2014
HDI rankCountryHuman Development Index(HDI)Gross national income (GNI) per capita (2011 PPP $)Life expectancy at birth
1 Norway 0.944 64,992 81.6
2 Australia 0.935 42,261 82.4
3 Switzerland 0.930 56,431 83.0
4 Denmark 0.923 44,025 80.2
5 Netherlands 0.922 45,435 81.6
6 Germany 0.916 43,919 80.9
6 Ireland 0.916 39,568 80.9
8 United States 0.915 52,947 79.1
9 Canada 0.913 42,155 82.0
10New Zealand 0.913 32,689 81.8

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Canada : There are many jobs in Canada that attract people to the country. The jobs in Canada provide a high quality of living and the country too is a peaceful place to stay in.

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Countries by Highest Quality of Life

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