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Standard of Living by Country (Highest Quality of Life)

Standard of Living by Country: Top Ten Countries with Standard of Living (Highest Quality of Life) is based on Human Development Index. Top countries include Norway (highest standard of living) , Australia and Sweden.

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Description:This Map shows top ten countries with highest quality of life in the world. Disclaimer

List of Top Ten Countries with Highest Quality of Life in the World 2014
HDI rankCountryHuman Development Index(HDI)Gross national income (GNI) per capita (2015 PPP $)Life expectancy at birth
1Norway 0.9446840081.7
2Iceland 0.8994660082.97
3Switzerland 0.935930082.5
4Australia 0.9356540082.15
5Unites States 0.9155630079.68
6Canada 0.9134590081.76
7Sweden 0.8984800081.98
8The Netherlands 0.9224930081.23
9New Zealand 0.9133640081.05
10Denmark 0.9234580079.25

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It is important for a nation to provide its people with high standards of living. Some countries are providing their citizens with a good standard of life while many are still a long way mark from achieving this status. Let us take a look at the top ten countries where people enjoy enviable standard of living, according to the OECD Better Life Index.

Countries With The Best Quality Of Life - Image Gallery

norway-quality-of-life Norway attracts many tourists annually and one of the best ways to see the country is through the numerous cruises operated round the year. Norway also has a very high life expectancy which stands at 82 years.
Iceland-quality-of-lifeOne can enjoy an arctic time by vacationing in Iceland. The country is well known for its hotels made completely out of ice providing customers with a unique experience. Iceland also has the cleanest tap water on earth.
switzerland-quality-of-lifeReputed for its luxury watches, Switzerland also provides its citizens with a high standard of living. It has an extremely low crime rate and also has the world's lowest unemployment rates making it one of the best destinations to live.
australia-quality-of-life Australia is home to numerous beaches making it an incredible destination for surfing. But the country is not only known for its tourist spots. Its citizens also enjoy a high standard of living. Australia leads in civic engagement. The country is also above average in jobs, income, quality of housing and environment, education and skills, personal security, well-being, and social connections.
united-states-quality-of-lifeIt is not surprising that the United States finds a mention on this list. The country has a high GDP and offers its citizens a very high standard of living. The US comes out on top in housing and wealth.
canada-quality-of-lifeCanada is a peaceful country with tremendous job opportunities. Canada scores high in the areas of civic engagement, subjective well being, education and skills, housing, social connections, and income and wealth.
sweden-quality-of-lifeIt's another Scandinavian country that offers its citizens a high standard of living. Here, the real estate market sees a regular growth. Apart from this, Sweden is the top performer when it comes to environmental quality.
the-netherlands-quality-of-lifeThe Netherlands is known for its scenic beauty and hospitable population. It is also one of the best places to live. The developed nation boasts of one of the highest literacy rates in the world.
new-zealand-quality-of-lifeNew Zealand created a buzz in the sporting world by bringing home the 2015 Rugby World Cup but the country is also regularly in the news for its incredible infrastructure and the high standard of living enjoyed by its people. The nation ranks at the top in health care category.
denmark-quality-of-life Denmark stands at the tenth position among countries with the highest standards of living. It scores highly in the environmental category. About 94 per cent of the people say that they are satisfied with the quality of drinking water. The country also ranks high on gender equality, featuring in the list of top 10 countries.

Last Updated : June 21, 2016

Countries by Highest Quality of Life

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