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Highest Currencies of the World

Know about the most traded currencies which include the US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), Pound sterling (GBP) etc.

Highest traded currencies of the world Canada Map USA Map UK Map - United Kingdom Australia Map Sweden Map Switzerland Map South Korea Map Japan Map New Zealand Map Map of European Union Countries
Description : Map showing top 10 trading currencies in the World. Disclaimer

World Highest Trading Currencies with their Countries

Si No.Country/RegionCurrency Nametrading%
1United States United States dollar USD ($)84.9%
2European Union Euro EUR (€)39.1%
3Japan Japanese yen JPY (¥)19.0%
4United Kingdom Pound sterling GBP (£)12.9%
5Australia Australian dollar AUD ($)7.6%
6Switzerland Swiss franc CHF (Fr)6.4%
7Canada Canadian dollar CAD ($)5.3%
8Sweden Swedish krona SEK (kr)2.2%
9New Zealand New Zealand dollar NZD ($)1.6%
10South Korea South Korean won KRW (₩)1.5%

* UK & Sweden in European Union are not using Euro as currency.

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