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Idaho Map (ID)

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Where is Idaho ?
Idaho (ID), sometimes known as a Potato State, is the 14th most expansive state of all the 50 states in the United States. Idaho, a mountainous state, has Boise as its capital.
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About Map - Situated in the northwestern part of the United States, Idaho is the 14th largest and seventh least- populated state of the country. It has as its neighbors the states of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, and the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Idaho was home to many Native American tribes and was one of the last areas to be explored by Europeans.
It was once a part of the Oregon territory claimed by both United States and Great Britain. The US got undisputed jurisdiction over the territory in 1846. On 4 July 1863, Idaho Territory was created and in 1890, it became the 43rd state of the United States.

Geographically, Idaho can be divided into three regions: Rocky Mountains, the Columbia Plateau, and the Basin and Range Region. Idaho’s topography also boasts of several lakes, waterfalls, and canyons. The important rivers of the state include the Snake River, Coeur d'Alene River, and the Boise River.

Idaho experiences a great variation in climate. The maritime influence leads to milder winters in the western region while the eastern region has wet summers and dry winters. The northern part of the state has greater precipitation than the southern part.

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Tourism is an important industry in Idaho. Some of the important cities of tourist interest are:

Boise: The capital city of Idaho has much to offer to tourists. Important tourist spots include the Boise River Greenbelt, Old Idaho Penitentiary, Julia Davis Park, and Zoo Boise. If you are a ski enthusiast, do not miss the Bogus Basin ski area. The city also hosts the famous Idaho Potato Bowl football game every December.

Coeur d'Alene: Known for its scenic beauty and nature trails, the “Lake City” is also a popular destination of golf and outdoor activities enthusiasts.

Lewiston: Explore North America’s deepest river gorge in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. The city also offers a number of adventure opportunities including Snake River and Idaho River adventure tours.

McCall: This city has many important tourist destinations like the Brundage Mountain, Ponderosa State Park, and Payette Lake.

Stanley: If you like rafting, angling, and skiing, this is the place for you.

Twin Falls: Visit this city and be awed by the majestic Shoshone Falls. Standing at 212 ft, it is actually higher than the Niagara Falls. Other attractions of this city include Snake River Canyon Trail, Zip the Snake, Perrine Bridge, and Sawsooth National Forest.

Idaho Falls: Important places of tourist interest include Idaho Falls, Museum of Idaho, and the Snake River Greenbelt.

Sun Valley: It is an extremely popular destination among skiing enthusiasts. Tourists also come here for hiking, cycling, ice skating, and trail riding.

Arco and Carey: In between these two small towns, lie the famous Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. This protected area is one of the best preserved flood basalt areas in the world.

Fremont County: The Yellowstone National Park partly lies in this county. It is also home to some areas of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

Flag of Idaho
The official flag of Idaho has a seal of the State on the blue color background. Below the Seal, there is a red and gold band that has "State of Idaho" written on it in gold letters.
Joined the UnionJul 3, 1890
NicknameGem State
Largest CityBoise
Area83,570sq mi
Highest PointBorah Peak
Lowest PointConfluence of Snake River and Clearwater River
Time ZoneUTC-8
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