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History of Mexico (Historia de Mexico)


The history of Mexico (Historia de Mexico) starts with the coming of the Olmecs , which dates back to 1000 BC.

Then came the Aztecs , a tribe which ruled the largest area in Mexico till date.The areas around the Lake Texcoco was the place where the Aztecs resided during their stay in the country.

The fertile lands of Mexico and mineral wealth had always attracted people from far and wide.The place was ruled by Spain which did not allow autonomy. Finally in 1808, Napolean conquered Spain and Mexico gained independence,in its true form.

The elite people's dream of self-rule in the history of Mexico (Historia de Mexico) was materialised when an armed rebellion was headed by a Catholic priest father Miguel di Hidalgo y Costilla. After a two-year war , Santa Ana ,who was a Rebel General and also served a few years of Presidentship ,was blamed for loosing half his country to the United States in the year 1848. Ignasio Commonfort succeeded Santa Ana and placed Benito Juarez in his place.Constitution was liberalised and new land reforms were instituted.This liberalisation and new land reforms was not aggreeable to the high class and the wealthy people. This led to the conflict which is known as " War of Reform" ,which took place between 1858 to 1861.

The post-revolution of Mexico or the New History of Mexico is marked by the rule of one political party, Partido Revolucionario Institutional , also known as the PRI . Plutarco Elias Calles was the founder of this party, and became the President after the assasination of Obregon in the year 1928. In 1934, General Lazaro Cardenas was elected as the President. Mexico saw some very important reforms during his rule as he gave importance to land reforms and formulated some new laws. He also gave attention towards the strenthening of unions and it was under his rule that the Petroleum Industry was nationalised.

The last three decades have seen cases of economic fluctuation and a steady inflow of Central American refugees, and also some government corruption related to drug trade which is considered illegal.

In the year 1994, Mexico joined North American Free Trade Agreement , along with United States of America and Canada .This has been of a great help to the country as economic support has been provided to the nation on this agreement. At present Mexico has a federal republic government as under the constitution of 1917.

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