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What are the most generous Countries around the world?

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World Map depicting the most Generous Nations

Being generous is not equivalent to being wealthy. With the increasing sensitivity among the people, there is a growing trend of philanthropy across the globe. As a result, the Charities Aid Foundation ranks the nations based on the donations done by its citizens. It is important to remember that the World Giving Index measures only the charitable activities of the general population within a country and does not take wider issues affecting society into account. The CAF World Giving Index often confounds assumptions about the link between wealth and generosity.

Here is a table showing World Giving Index Score of countries around the world:

Country Region Ranking World Giving Index Score (%)
Myanmar South Eastern Asia 1 65
Indonesia South Eastern Asia 2 60
Kenya Eastern Africa 3 60
New Zealand Australia and New Zealand 4 57
United States of America North America 5 56
Australia Australia and New Zealand 6 56
Canada North America 7 54
Ireland Northern Europe 8 53
United Arab Emirates Western Asia 9 51
Netherlands Western Europe 10 51
United Kingdom Northern Europe 11 50
Sierra Leone Western Africa 12 49
Malta Southern Europe 13 48
Liberia Western Africa 14 46
Iceland Northern Europe 15 46
Thailand South Eastern Asia 16 46
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Southern Asia 17 45
Zambia Eastern Africa 18 45
Germany Western Europe 19 45
Norway Northern Europe 20 45
Denmark Northern Europe 21 44
Uganda Eastern Africa 22 44

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