2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Kansas: Path Map, Best Viewing Cities, Time, Duration & Events

Where are the Best Places in Kansas to view the Total Solar Eclipse 2017?

2017 Solar Eclipse Map Kansas
Map of Kansas showing the places from where Total solar eclipse shall be visible

2017 Solar Eclipse Map Kansas

The Great American Eclipse is a highly anticipated total eclipse of the sun. On August 21st, 2017, the shadow of the moon shall completely block out the sun plunging the cities and towns in its path of totality into darkness for a few minutes. This eclipse shall be visible from many parts of the United States as it traces a coast to coast path. After Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, the central line of the path of totality passes through north eastern Kansas. Though a major portion of the state is likely to miss the total eclipse, there are a number of north eastern communities and cities which may attract eclipse chasers. The following cities, towns, and communities are likely to witness the total eclipse –

  • Atchison
  • Cummings
  • Hiawatha
  • Holton
  • Horton
  • Kansas City
  • Marysville
  • Potter
  • Seneca
  • Troy
  • Wathena

The eclipse is likely to enter the state at 1:03 pm CDT and leave by 1:09 pm CDT (with a viewing time between 1 minute and 2 minutes and 39 seconds) depending on where you are located. This means that the vast majority of cities and towns in the state may miss the total eclipse unless they head towards the path of totality. May places may witness a partial solar eclipse, though. These include –

  • Junction City
  • Topeka
  • Emporia
  • Salina

The Kansas City International Airport and the Charles B Wheeler Downtown Airport, both in Kansas City serve the counties through which the total eclipse is expected to be visible. The Great American Eclipse has many Kansans excited because this is the first time since 1806 that Kansas City witnessed a total eclipse. In fact, this is the first time since 1918 that a total eclipse has travelled from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast of the United States.

If you are headed to Kansas City this August do not miss out on these other attractions:

  • Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
  • Kansas City Museum
  • American Jazz Museums
  • Liberty Memorial
  • Crown Center
  • Arabia Steamboat Museum

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