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Hawaii Flag

by Aakash Singha

Hawaii Flag reveals amazing facts about the historical association of the state with ancient rulers.

Hawaii Flag

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The Hawaii Flag was commissioned and designed in as early as 1816, by King Kamehameha I and the flag is used by the state ever since.

History of Hawaii Flag

In 1810, the designer of the Hawaii Flag, King Kamehameha I had united the individual islands of Hawaii. Prior to this all the islands enjoyed the status of being individual kingdoms. When he commissioned the Hawaii Flag in 1816, the flag stood for the people of Hawaii and the state. According to many scholars the credit for designing the Hawaii Flag for the king goes to captain Beckley, while others claim it was captain Adams. The Hawaii Flag was flourished ceremoniously when it was declared by the UK in 1843 that Hawaii was completely independent. This Hawaii Flag was slightly different from the present one as the order of the stripes was altered. So it was white, red and blue, contrary to the current red, white and blue.

Description of Hawaii Flag

There are 8 alternating bands of white, red and blue of equal width on the Hawaii Flag. The symbolic significance of these bands are that they stand for the 8 chief islands of Hawaii. The Great Britain Flag or the popularly known Union Jack attains a prominent position on the upper left quarter of the Hawaii Flag. This emblazonment of the Union Jack on the Hawaii State Flag, represents the honorable and historical friendship of Great Britain and Hawaii. The Hawaii Flag is a beautiful depiction of the status of Hawaii as well as it long relationship with the British.

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