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What are Some of The Most Unusual Taxes in The US?

Strange Taxes Which People Pay in The United States
Infographic Shows US Map Highlighting The States Which Impose Unusual Tax

We all know that paying taxes is for the good of the country, still many of us prefer not paying them at all. After all, isn’t paying taxes burdensome? But it can become all the more frustrating or even absurd at times, when taxes turn out to be rather outlandish. The United States has a few taxes which are quite ridiculous, but at times also necessary. Want to know how strange some taxes are in the country? Read on:

Bagel Tax, New York

Tax on bagel? Sounds funny, but it is true. If you want your bagel altered then you would have to shell out a few extra cents. If you want your bagel sliced, served with a spread of butter or cream cheese or toasted, then you will have to pay 8 more cents. So, if you do not want to pay a tax, go for the unaltered or opt for a sandwich instead.

Playing Card Tax, Alabama

Playing cards is a good way to pass your time, but it can get quite perplexing if you have to pay a tax. Well, people in Alabama have to actually play a tax to play cards. Here you have to pay a playing card tax, amounting to ten cents for decks of cards that are brought within the state. Though annoying, the amount generated is useful for the development of the state.

Blueberry Tax, Maine

Maine is the largest producer of blueberries in the United States and is also the only state to impose a tax on this fruit. The tax is imposed on the selling, processing, handling, and purchasing of blueberries. Though the tax is pegged at a meager 1.5 cents, but it goes a long way in helping the state remain competitive among other states that are producing the fruit.

Fur Tax, Minnesota

If you are living in Minnesota, be prepared to pay a fur tax. The tax has been pegged at 6.5 percent which is not just limited to the fur, but involves shipping and transportation. S, it is better to opt for environment-friendly products.

Vending Machine Fruit Tax, California

Want to buy a fruit from a vending machine? Then you’ve to pay a tax if you are living in California. The state levies a steep tax of 33 percent of the price. So, buying the fruit from the market rather than the vending machine would save you a substantial amount.

Loud Live Music Tax

Loud music can really be troublesome at times. But if you are fond of loud music and are living in Nevada, you will have to pay a tax on loud live music. A sales tax between 5 to 10 percent has to be paid on admissions, merchandise, food and drink by businesses wherever a live entertainment with loud music is being held. But no tax is deducted if the entertainment is quiet enough.

Belt Buckle Tax, Texas

In Texas, whether you are wearing a belt for comfort or luxury, you will have to pay a tax. And, that is because here a buckle is regarded an accessory just like jewelry. The state imposes a tax of around 6 percent on buckles.

Sheep Tax, Virginia

Virginia also has its own strange tax. The state imposes a tax on sheep. Every sheep that is sold is subjected to an excise tax which amounts to 50 cents. The money collected from the tax is used for the development of the sheep industry in the state.

Flush Tax, Maryland

Flushing in Maryland can be an expensive affair. In the state, a $60 annual fee is imposed on septic system owners and a monthly fee of $5 on sewer bills. The tax is levied to aid the protection of the Chesapeake Bay.

Cake Decorating Tax, Indiana

Those fabulous decorations give the cake an elegant touch, but the state of Indiana imposes a cake decorating tax. Tax is levied on the bakers who provide finishing touch to the cake.

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