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Top Ten Nuclear Power Plants

World Map shows location of top ten Nuclear Power Plants by net capacity in megawatts. Chooz-B-1 nuclear plant at Ardennes in France is largest Nuclear Power Plant in the world with total capacity of 1,500 MW.

World Map with Top Ten Nuclear Power Plants
Description : Map shows top ten nuclear power plants in the world. Disclaimer


Top Ten Nuclear Power Plants
Power PlantsNet Capacity in MW (2011)Commission dateLocation
Chooz-B-11,5001996Chooz, Ardennes, France
Chooz-B-21,5001997Chooz, Ardennes, France
Civaux-11,4951997Civaux, France
Civaux-21,4951999Civaux, France
Brokdorf (KBR) 14101,986Brokdorf, Steinburg, Germany
Isar-2 (KKI 2)14101,988Essenbach, Germany
Philippsburg-2 (KKP 2)14021,984Philippsburg, Germany
Oskarshamn-31,4001985Figeholm, Sweden
Grohnde (KWG)13601,984Emmerthal, Germany
Saint-Alban-11,3351985Saint-Maurice-l'Exil, France