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US and Canada River Cruises

River cruises provides travelers with the option of enjoying the variety and observe the gradual change in landscape of a country. The great rivers that thread their way through the heartlands of US and Canada provide us with the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of these countries in all their beauty. Picturesque towns and settlements dot the riverbanks. Magnificent mountain Ranges stand guard around them.

The sights that will enthrall you in your US and Canada River Cruise are probably one of the most scenic in the world. You will cruise along the famous waterways of the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, St. Lawrence River, Ohio River, Columbia River, Intercoastal Waterway, Tennessee River, Hudson River and San Francisco Bay.

The US and Canada River Cruise Liner

The Luxurious liners, which take you on a US and Canada River Cruise, might not be intimidatingly large, as they have to make their way through relatively smaller water ways but they are well equipped to handle all your needs. From multi cuisine dining facilities to 24 hr room service, the well-trained crew well sees to that you are pampered in this wonderful Journey.

Experienced cooks who lovingly prepare for you the most exotic dishes pamper your taste buds.All these luxuries ensure that this is one journey you will never forget. Though River Cruises don't have the drama of the Sea ones they do not lack in charm and excitement.

A Simple but Beautiful Journey

Away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, US and Canada River Cruises provides you with the opportunity to discover the beautiful landscapes of these countries without facing the crowds and the traffic jams.

It might be a simple way of traveling but you will get to see the towns in close quarters and will always be in the heart of each town. The Greatness of these countries lies in how they used their natural resources. The Waterways were considered to be the lifeline of these countries for a long time. US and Canada River Cruises provides you with the opportunity to see those very waterways at close quarters. Experience travelers proclaim that US and Canada River Cruises are the best way to discover both these countries, in fact these cruises complete the US and Canada experience.

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