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Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean Cruise will take you to the place where all the fun lies! The lively shores of the Caribbean come alive with the music, the water sports, the food and drinks and just

the general mood of party all around. So wait no longer and book yourself a Caribbean Cruise Holiday or Caribbean Cruise Line and have the time of your life with Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

The islands of the Eastern Caribbean, jointly known as the Lesser Antilles and Trinidad & Tobago, start from the east of Puerto Rico and stretch to just off the coast of Venezuela. The Lesser Antilles comprise of the Leeward Islands, the Windward Islands and Barbados. The main attractions of these islands include:

  • Mountainous
  • Rainforests
  • Black-sand beaches
  • Coral Limestone
  • White-sand beaches
  • Sunken Coastlines
  • Depleted, Stunted Mountains
  • Volcanic Activity

Western Caribbean Cruise

The Western Caribbean islands are most famous for the Ancient Mayan Ruins. The ruins are breathtaking and make sure you check them out while on a Caribbean Cruise. Apart from the ruins, the western islands of the Caribbean are known for their lavish resorts and also the frequent carnivals that rejuvenate spirits. Other attractions of the Western Caribbean Cruses include:

  • Sparkling Blue Waters
  • Sunny Beaches
  • Sailing down the Rivers on Bamboo Rafts
  • The World Famous Jamaican Rum

Southern Caribbean Cruise

Grenada, Barbados, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and San Juan are the most popular islands of Southern Caribbean. They provide the tourists with a true feel of the Caribbean. The main attractions of the Southern Caribbean Islands are:

  • Inviting Beaches
  • Water Sports
  • Scintillating Scenery
  • The English Harbor
  • Dilapidated Castles
  • Duty-Free Shops at St. Thomas
  • Coral World

With these and many other wonderful locales and adventures awaiting you, missing out on a Caribbean Cruise can be heartbreaking. So hop aboard any of the many royal caribbean cruise lines and have a truly amazing Cruise vacation. offers information on Caribbean Cruise, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships, Royal Caribbean Cruise deal and other cruises the world over.